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You’d be surprised at how much is out there that is related to the vampire subject, from new books and shows coming out, to superstitions debunked! Here are some links that I have found interesting today:

  • A Peruvian tale of haunting by the executed “Bride of Dracula” has been revealed as a humble Lancashire weaver (Sarah Ellen Roberts). Read about the tale and the actual historical facts here (very interesting article found on MailOnline). One eerie fact is that her grave remained undisturbed, while most others were destroyed, during the Pisco earthquake in 2007…(cue Twilight Zone music here…)
  • A great interview with “Doug Hutchison” in regards to his web series entitled “Vampire Killers”as found on The series is about the city of LA being overrun by sexy female Vampires, and there are only a small number of Vampire killers to handle the situation. (you can watch the series online on, but beware, from what I’ve seen so far, this is most definitely geared towards adults).
  • An article referencing the reviews of Park Chan-wook’s new movie “Thirst” (recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival)
  • Another interesting article from the Associated Press about the movie “Thirst” (and comments from director)
  • As reported on by the Associated Press, there will be a new vampire movie called “The Moth Diaries” and will star Lily Cole.
  • reports that a remake of the 80′s hit “Fright Night” may be in the works.
  • A quick reference on about how to get your tickets to watch the cast of Twilight play Vampire Baseball for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Oregon on July 4th. What a fun trip that would be!
  • New trailer and poster featured on of the movie “Blood: The Last Vampire”
  • A cool vampire/werewolf slaying “kit” being auctioned off (is it authentic or just a replica)? Looks awesome either way! Read about it here and here

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