Reader Question – In case anyone else has similar Kindle freezing issues, maybe this post will help!

by Maryse on November 30, 2017 · 1 comment

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TINA NEEDS KINDLE-EMERGENCY HELP!! And in case anyone else has similar Kindle issues, maybe this post will help, ’cause SO MANY came to the rescue!

She says:

“Help!!!! My kindle froze, and after a restart i cant get anything but the kindle logo?? I have googled and tried but no does not open Anyone?? Its a 7th gen. e-reader.”

Anyone know what she can do?

Colleen: Google how to do a hard reset.

Julie: My Kindle a couple months ago just shut down and would not come on. I got on Amazon and technician there called me on my phone and walked me through restarting it. Mine however was completely fried. (don’t know why) I would try contacting them and have them walk you through a recovery.

Stacy: Did you press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to restart? Try that and if doesn’t work, charge it for about 30 minutes and try it again.

Nicole: Hold the button down for 40 Seconds if it doesn’t work contact kindle they have kindle support online and it usually only takes a minute or so for someone to come online to help.

Kara: Try plugging it in and walk away. Sometimes it will get out of of stupid mode on its own.


Kim: My sons did the same thing. I called the tech support. They had me hold the power button done for different amounts of time and then sent us a new one when that didn’t fix it! It was a 10 minute phone call and all I had to do was send my sons broken one back.

Candace: call the Amazon helpline and they will tell you what to do. This happened to me and they had to do a complete reset but it has worked just fine since then.

Carol: I would plug it in to recharge for a few hours then try again.

Nicole: Something happened to mine, unfortunately the only thing I could do was buy a new one

Nicole: Amazon tech support is amazing! Give them a call. GOOD LUCK!! +1 (888) 280-4331

Barbara: Mine did that. I googled it and it said to plug it in, hold the power button down for a count of 45 till it blinks off. Let it sit for awhile, don’t do anything. After an hour or so push the button on. This resets it.

Lori: This worked on mine too.

Tina: Thx everyone! I have tried the “hold the button for x seconds” many times without luck I bought this like two years ago in Norway, so i might need to go to this shop and see if they can help. Maybe some guarantee will get this fixed..

Sherida: My last kindle did the same but I was in the middle of the latest Kristen Ashley and I just could not deal. Went to the nearest store and bought a new one. Once I finished the book I called Amazon Helpdesk had it fixed and gifted it to my daughter. Looking back on that event I feel NO shame.

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Jana December 1, 2017 at 8:52 AM

Newest update on Kindle is awful! If I restart the whole thing, I will lose all books I’ve downloaded. Takes at least 10 minutes for me to be able to Sync. Then another 10 minutes or more before I can download a book. If it’s an older book; once downloaded; I wait & guess what – get kicked out!! Just awful. Have complained with no response. No problems w/my kindle app on my laptop! Similar issues with app on my iphone; but much shorter wait time & then all goes smoothly. Just can’t understand why it’s all so much worse on my iPad.

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