Reader Question – Is Aly Martinez’s latest book part of the Darkest Sunrise Duet?

by Maryse on December 6, 2018 · 1 comment

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<— SQUEEEEE!!!! Aly Martinez Alert!! THIS ONE JUST WENT LIVE!!!! And… by way of a reader question, the author gave me a bit of extra info about Across the Horizon, and the series it’s somewhat connected to.

Theresa: Is the new Aly Martinez in the same world with her previous books? Thought I read something but can’t remember. Says stand alone but think it is part of Darkest Sunrise? Help please.

Aly Martinez: Hey lady, so…yes. This book takes place in the Darkest Sunrise world. But it stands on its own. Tanner Reese is Porter Reese (the hero in Darkest) little brother and Rita is Charlotte’s best friend. They are first met as side characters in the duet. However this book is written as a standalone.

It follows the same timeline as The Darkest Sunrise Duet But gives no spoilers for those books. I was hesitant to link them together because The Darkest Sunrise is one of the heaviest, saddest books I’ve ever written while Across the Horizon is one of the lightest (more like a dramedy than my usual angst fest.) Across the Horizon can be read before or after The Darkest Sunrise Duet.

The title is a play on what was happening across the Horizon from Porter and Charlottes relationships. Tanner and Rita were starting their own relationship unbeknownst to the reader. But I very carefully tipped toed around the drama in the duet so there are no spoilers for Darkest/Brightest.

YAY!!!! P.S. I read the duet and I 5-STAR LOVED IT!!!!!!! It’s a must read (and of course, this one must be, too). :D

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Erin M December 6, 2018 at 10:27 PM

Can’t wait to read. I absolutely loved the Darkest Sunshine series. I needed a good book this weekend!

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