Aly Martinez

Aly Martinez – The Truth Duet Reading Order

August 22, 2018

<— UPDATE!!!!! THE DUET IS NOW COMPLETE (book #2 just went LIVE). I AM HOOKED on this author and now she just released a new duet!! This author is one of the queens of angsty duets!!!!! HOOKED I TELL YOU! I’ll definitely be reading this. Book #1 made Jennifer in our book crew lose it!!! [...]

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Book Review – The Brightest Sunset By Aly Martinez

July 24, 2017

The Brightest Sunset (The Darkest Sunrise Duet Book 2) <— FABULOUS OF ALL FABULOUSNESS!!! Fulfilling and exhilarating, twisty-turny, funny and traumatic!! How can that be? I dunno but she’s just that good.  (P.S. Check out my review of book #1 ➔ Book Review – The Darkest Sunrise by Aly Martinez)). You can read either review first, ’cause I [...]

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Book Review – The Darkest Sunrise by Aly Martinez

July 22, 2017

The Darkest Sunrise (The Darkest Sunrise Duet Book 1) INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely, unputdownably incredible!!!!! It’s intense, romantic, shocking, deep, funny, and so real. I devoured this one, and gasped at that jaw-dropping moment that had me clapping with glee, delighting in the trouble that was about to ensue! And oh boy am I embarking upon it, [...]

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Aly Martinez – The Darkest Sunrise Duet Reading Order

July 16, 2017

OMG I have just started this one, and I am LOVING it. But of course! This is one of my favorite authors ever, so I knew this story would take me away. BUT!!! I was mistaken in my impression of the blurb, and then a gasp-worthy unexpected twist was revealed that had my jaw (and [...]

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Book Review – Transfer (The Retrieval Duet Book 2) by Aly Martinez

September 25, 2016

Transfer (The Retrieval Duet Book 2) <— coming out in just a couple of days!!! What a perfect conclusion to this awesome ”duet”. As good, if not EVEN BETTER than #1, and OMG it was everything I have come to expect from this author. Pure incredible build-up to both an addictive romance, AND an action-packed thrill [...]

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I loved this gripping and surprising love story! Book Review – Retrieval by Aly Martinez

September 17, 2016

Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet Book 1) I went into this one on the blurb (and reader recommendations) alone, and I got the surprise of my life! WOW!!!! Noooooo no… I knew it would be good (great even). That wasn’t the surprise. I’m already a big fan of this author’s other books. She’s able to combine [...]

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Aly Martinez – The Retrieval Duet Reading Order

September 14, 2016

<— THIS is what I will be reading next! I just received this duet (review copies) and I AM DYING to read ‘em!! Book #1 was just released yesterday and is taking the Amazon charts by storm. Already in the top 50 of all of Amazon Kindle books, and I’ve been seeing post after post [...]

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Aly Martinez – On The Ropes Series Reading Order

December 10, 2015

<— This fighter book is on super-sale right now and AND!!! Book #3 is now up for pre-order! While the characters in her other books DO make cameos in this one, the author says: “I’m here to answer the questions. You do NOT need to read ANY of the Wrecked and Ruined series to read [...]

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