Reader Question – The book about the girl living in her grandmother’s cabin, and her dog keeps visiting her neighbor…

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Sherry needs our book help! This one sounds sweet and quite possibly heart wrenching!!

She asks:

When I first started buying ebooks it was on diesel ebook site and I didn’t know they were going under so I lost about 500 ebooks.

One of the books that I loved I cannot remember who the author is or the name of the book so I hoped you could help.

The premise is a young girl who has had heart trouble and was raised by an over protective dad and brothers. she moves out and into her grandmothers cabin with her huge dog. There is an ex military guy that moves into a cabin and they meet when her dog keeps going to visit the guy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone know it?

Ann-Theres: Oh; I’ve read this; or one very much like it! Let me just find it on my kindle….

Ann-Theres: Gah; It was just a lot like it… A Change In Tide (Northern Lights Book 1), by Freya Baker. The girl lives in a cottage; alone, and has anxiety, cant be around people etc. And she has a big dog who always run over to the handsome (Off course!) neighbour, which has som problems off his own.

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