Reader Question – The book about the personal assistant role and she’s tricked into shooting an erotic movie…

by Maryse on December 28, 2017 · 0 comments

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Ruh roh! This one sounds like it could be angsty and infuriating! Even though she says she found it on the blog, I don’t think I’ve read this one? How could I possibly forget it? Right?

So Im assuming it was featured in one of our reader recommendation lists.

Paris asks:


A few years ago I was looking though your blog and found the most AMAZING book ever… but now I can’t remember the name and I’m dying to read it again!

It’s about a woman who see’s a news paper ad for a personal assistant role…she then meets a movie star (older woman) and is basically tricked into shooting an erotic movie? There’s also a love triangle in there.

I’ve been searching for this book for years and really hope you can help!!!

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Paris x

Oooooh!!! Which one is it??? :D !!!

Brei Betzold: Changing His Game (The Reynolds Brothers Book 1) by Justine Elvira?

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