love triangle

Reader Question – The book about a girl with three guys, and they had rules where she would stay with each one for a week.

December 6, 2018

Claire needs our book help! Her question is short and sweet but has enough info that I bet it will spark someone’s memory. In fact, it made my eyes bug out a bit. *waggles eyebrows* She asks: Hi Maryse I’m looking for a book I read a while ago. It was about a girl with [...]

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Reader Question – The book about a girl that moves in with sisters & falls for their older brother who is in a band.

November 29, 2018

Oooooh it’s a love triangle!!!!! Shani is looking for this one, and I could swear it sounds so much like a recent reader question (so I’m going to search for it and see if they match up!). In the meantime, Shani asks: Hi I’m looking for a book a read while ago. It was based [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the married spies, but the husband does something…

November 24, 2018

Shannon needs our book help! Grrrrrr!!! OOoooooh THAT MAN!!!! This one sounds like it has serious angst-potential! I’m dying to know (and I spoiler-alerted along the way so you know when to stop reading if you realize you haven’t read it yet). She asks: ??? Help me remember this book title ??? This was a [...]

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Reader Question – The love triangle with the girl who’s into a military guy and a famous singer…

October 25, 2018

Rose has one for us! Er… well. I may have gasped at one point. That last line in her question has my eyes bugging out and wondering… whaaaaaaaaaa??? For reeeeeeal??!! Can that be possible? *giggle* I mean, I guess it’s possible but HOLY MOLY what are the chances?? But hey! Creative liberties and all, this could [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the hero that has a girlfriend, but rushes to his female best friend’s side every time she’s upset…

October 18, 2018

Ellen needs our book help! YIKES!!! This one sounds like it has serious angst-potential and I’m not sure if it’s a love-triangle or not (sounds like it!!) because… TWO women in HIS life… She asks: Hey Maryse, I need a little help to find a book. Of course I can’t remember author and title.  [...]

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Emma Scott – Beautiful Hearts Duet Reading Order + a signed duet giveaway!!

October 13, 2018

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!!! We’re having a giveaway!! The author just released the duet conclusion early and we’re celebrating on the blog (scroll down for more details. To enter, just comment on this post)!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!  Emma Scott says: “…both books will be signed and given to one winner …Oh, and international!!” <— NOT YOUR TYPICAL LOVE [...]

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B.N. Toler – Where One Goes Series Reading Order

October 10, 2018

OMG THIS ONE SOUNDS AMAZING (the premise is so unique and already haunting me!!) & there’s huge love for it amongst our book crew. And guess what? The sequel just went LIVE!! Anne: Wow this book!! I cried so much but in a good way. It was pretty unique and the love story is so [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the girl that had to sit between her boyfriend, and the guy she’s attracted to at a dinner…

September 27, 2018

Robin needs our book help! Oooooh love-triangley goodness ALERT!! I can’t wait to find out which one this is!! She asks: Hi Maryse… I read the 1st book of a duet the 2nd book to come out by the end of the year. The h lived at home with strong family ties. They were all [...]

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