Reader Question… Answered! The book where he is the owner of a security business and lends her his car… and it gets damaged. *whoops*

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Welp. This reader question has sparked my interest BIG time in a HUGELY popular series that I’ve known about forever, even watched the movie, and yet… have yet to read the actual books. But from the reader answers (and their enthusiastic reactions about this series AND the guy), well… how can I not?!

So here is the question, and the Facebook crew jumped right in and saved the day!

Maryse’s Book Blog: Someone needs our book help!! And this one is TOTALLY ringing a bell for me (he lends/gives her one of his expensive cars and it gets damaged…) <— I KNOW I’ve read this one, and I loved it. What one is it?

Okay so here it all is. Ashley asks:

“I can’t remember the title of a book I really want to read again.(it reminds me of carter reed) I was giving some of the details to my friend and she suggested you. (sidetone from Maryse: We are all too happy to help, Ashley!!! :D )

So the main guy in the book is the owner of a security business. I believe his apartment is in the same building as the main security hub. He is big and built (of course aren’t they all) i think he has a pony tail and always wears black shirts with black cargos…

I remember the girl always remembering his scent and then uses his soap to smell like him ( I know…of all things I remember that) also he had underground parking for all of his expensive cars…I believe he gives one to her and someone damages it..that’s all I can think of….ugh please help!!! Thanks…. also there might have been an M name for the security….I read it around the same time as 50 shades of grey if that helps”

Jenny: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, Ranger uses I think Bulgari shower gel and the security company is Rangeman. Morelli is the other male character and he’s a cop.

Melissa: It sounds a lot like Ranger from the Stephanie Plum books. His security company is called Rangeman.

Mary: Yep. This is a Stephanie Plum storyline.

Amy: Ah, Ranger.

Rebecca: Yep Stephanie Plum! And his Bulgari shower gel.

Maryse’s Book Blog: YAY!!!! Oh wow this series sounds like fun, and it was totally NOT the book I was thinking of..

Rebecca: You haven’t read these, Maryse?!

Maryse: Rebecca… *sigh* I have not. I know. I knowwwww…. *shakes head* ;)

Rebecca: I think I am a speechless! Lol!!! I haven’t kept up with the last 3-4 but the first ones I flew through when I discovered them. They are seriously- laugh out loud- make your husband stop and listen to you read out loud to him whether he wants to hear it or not- funny. You will enjoy them!

Alyssa: Stephanie Plum is always a fun read. And Ranger. Swoon!!!!! Love him. My first alpha…

Shana: Love that series!

Megan: Best series ever!!!!!!

Amanda: I was thinking the Heller series….

Tiffany: Yep Stephenie Plum series!!

Andrea: Gotta love Ranger!!! Stephanie Plum.

Shamiran: Yes, sounds like Stephanie Plum… and it wasn’t just one car that got destroyed… more like one car each book. lol “Babe” as Ranger would say about that.

Maryse’s Book Blog: LOL Shamiran!!!!! I just read a comment where one of my book buds said that Stephanie needed to start taking the bus already. *snort*!!!

Shamiran: The bus would probably be destroyed too knowing her luck.

Maryse: LOL!!! :P

Andrea: One of my favorite series. Crazy characters that make me LOL!!

Sherry: This seriously sounds like Heller Series by JD Nixon. Everything you said is there, cept it’s the Heller Security company.

Maryse’s Book Blog: Hrmmm… someone else said Heller, too Sherry.

Ruth: At first I thought it was that Lynda Chance book. I think it is called “Marco.”… “Marco’s Redemption

Martha: Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series. There are 21 books in this series so far.

Leigh-Ann: Yeah and her cars are a always meeting some demise, got to love Lulu!!!!

Marisa: I was thinkin Stephanie Plum too. That sounds like Ranger to a T

Carol: Definitely Stephanie Plum! Those books make me laugh! I stopped after 16. I need to start back up again.

Jenny: You do! They get so much better!!

Andrea: I read Heller too and the two series are very similar. Both are great, I’m loyal to Stephanie Plum because it came first.

Elmarie: It sounds alot like Tall, Dark, and Deadly by Lisa Renee Jones. It’s about the Walker brothers that has a security company and they live in the same bulding Royce Walker is the oldest and has a pony tail

Katie: One of the rock chick series?

Jaimee: Hello Ranger! Stephanie Plumb series- love them!

Sherida: No Its Janet E’s Ranger. I loved that book and when he came to life on the big screen… YUMMIE


So… which one is it, Ashley? :D

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