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My mom read “Unlocked” and absolutely LOVED it. She emailed me just to tell me I had to read it, mentioned that she realizes historical romance is now her favorite genre. When I told her that it was part of a series that was getting all sorts of great buzz, and I swear, I think she *squee’d*.

So here’s a tidbit from her email she sent me:

“Unlocked: I LOVED that book… very easy to read and very quick… I started it this morning and at 3:25 I’m done… but I loved it all the way through.

In 1840 a handsome guy falls in love with a beautiful debutante… through his teenage dumbness, instead of getting her to fall for him he makes her the laughing stock of high society… 10 years later he returns and vows to win her love…. and this book is about how he goes about it… will he succeed after hurting her that bad many years before?…. I’ll also let you discover it for yourself!”

So here it is, the series that I’ve been told by many (and not just my mother) that I MUST read.

  • Unveiled (Hqn)
  • Birthday Gift (a free short story on author’s website: She says: “A short between Smite Turner and Richard Dalrymple. It’s set before Unveiled, but you should read it after. Not intended as a stand-alone.”)
  • Unlocked
  • Unclaimed (Hqn)
  • Out of the Frying Pan (a free short story that will be available on author’s website: She says: “Richard and the rest of the Turner clan. Set just before Unraveled, and sets in motion one of the subplots you see in Unraveled. Definitely read Unveiled first, and probably Unclaimed.” This will be posted sometime in October.)
  • Unraveled


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