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<— Considered one of our most beloved tear-jerkers (and SO OFTEN recommended on our favorites lists, like THIS list, THIS list, THIS list, and THIS list), it has now become a series!!!! YAY US!!!!! And here’s my review.

Meredith: I take your recommendations VERY seriously :) I downloaded “Bright Side” two days ago and CANT. PUT. IT. DOWN. I have loved ALOT of books, but this one has a special place in my heart. The characters are so LOVABLE and the story SO tragic!! I will read it over and over and over. Its one of those books, that just stick with you long after its over. I rate this one right up there with all my favorites, this author is just incredible!! Even if you don’t review it, READ IT! This book needs to be shared!!!!

Julie: “Bright Side” or “So much more”, both by Author Kim Holden are two powerful books that I love to share w all readers as well as having huge impacts in my life

Traci: Finished “Bright Side” my eyes are still red from ugly crying..Think I need a drink now & a lighter book…

P.S. About her upcoming book, Franco, the author says:

“Bright Side and Gus go together like PB&J. Franco is a different story, a new chapter in this series, so we wanted to to try something new to reflect it. And this photo truly is my Franco.”

and this:

“This is my funny book, I would say. Hopefully no tissues required.”

About book #1:

Secrets. Everyone has one. Some are bigger than others. And when secrets are revealed, Some will heal you … And some will end you.

Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical. She’s endured hardship and tragedy, but throughout it all she remains happy and optimistic (there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side). Kate is strong-willed, funny, smart, and musically gifted. She’s also never believed in love. So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small town of Grant, Minnesota, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks.

They both feel it. But they each have a reason to fight it. They each have a secret.

And when secrets are revealed, Some will heal you … And some will end you.



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