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Book Review – Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott

August 29, 2018

Bring Down the Stars (Beautiful Hearts Duet Book 1) LOVE TRIANGLE DELICIOUSNESS ALERT!! If you’re looking to pine HARD over someone, and to feel like you’re falling in love, and to be all sorts of confused because also… there’s that other guy that you can’t stop looking at (but that barely acknowledges you, but then [...]

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Elle Kennedy – Briar U Series Reading Order

August 5, 2018

<— GASP!!!!!!!! ELLE KENNEDY ALERT!!! LOOKIT WHAT JUST WENT LIVE!! !!!! Book #1 in her brand new “new adult” series that’s a spinoff from our VERY favorite “Off-Campus” series. And it’s a standalone. Nobody does college romance, cocky hockey heroes, love, life, angst and hilarity like Elle Kennedy. I AM ALWAYS in the mood for [...]

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“Shameless King” by Maya Hughes is going live at midnight, and we’re having a giveaway!!

June 27, 2018

<— THIS ONE IS GOING LIVE AT MIDNIGHT IT’S LIVE!!! I’m just crushing on this cover so hard, and the premise of Shameless King? Even harder! He’s the college hockey star and she’s not impressed. I love enemies-to-lovers romance stories (the push-pull… mostly push), how hard we end up pining and fuming, and better yet? [...]

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Book Review – Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

October 16, 2017

Drumline Pretty great cover, unique spin on the college “it group” (instead of the sports stars, it’s the band stars!) and hugely recommended by so many authors and readers, that I was very excited to give this one a go. In fact the hero in this one was compared to my beloved bad-ass, Travis, so [...]

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Sara Ney – How to Date a Douchebag Series Reading Order

May 20, 2017

COLLEGE NEW ADULT ROMANCE FUN ALERT!!!! I had SO MUCH fun with this one (and laughed my butt off! Here’s my review), and now it’s a series!!!!! In fact, book #2 is about a TOTAL jerk-face (that ONE from book #1 that infuriated us so hard), and… the author just announced that she’s releasing book [...]

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Kim Holden – Bright Side Series Reading Order

December 8, 2016

<— Considered one of our most beloved tear-jerkers (and SO OFTEN recommended on our favorites lists, like THIS list, THIS list, THIS list, and THIS list), it has now become a series!!!! YAY US!!!!! And here’s my review. Meredith: I take your recommendations VERY seriously  I downloaded “Bright Side” two days ago and CANT. PUT. IT. DOWN. [...]

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Book Review – How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney

November 10, 2016

How to Date a Douchebag: The Studying Hours Who’s in the mood to read an “old-school” feeling “new adult” indie book, that will make you laugh out loud (over and over again), all, while making us work in that delightful slow burn way, for the romance story. Oh don’t get me wrong… it has plenty [...]

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Abbi Glines – Field Party Series Reading Order

November 9, 2016

ABBI GLINES SERIES ALERT!! Book #1 totally gave many of us a blurb jolt (in fact, it was the answer to one of our reader questions!) Plus… Cristina LOVED it (one of her BEST OF 2015 reads): “Abbi is one of my all-time favorite authors! This book was another testament to her awesome writing skills. [...]

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