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Penny Reid – Law of Physics Series Reading Order

February 6, 2019

OMG YOU GUYS LOOKIT!!!! All books are up for preorder (one a month from this month to April) AND book #1 is going live in just a few days. Considering how HUGELY popular her “Elements of Chemistry/Hypothesis Series” is, I bet this one will rock readers’ worlds too! P.S. This trilogy must be read in [...]

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M.J. Fields – Firsts Series Reading Order

January 27, 2019

Book #4 just went live! The author says: 1. Told in two married couples POV’s ( & some Lucas Links ) 2. You must read Her First Kiss and His First Crush, first. (Could read 27 Truths and 27 Lies before that… but may want to kill me cause they are super angsty, have a love triangle and bad things [...]

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Reader Question – The book with the girl that woke up one morning in her dorm floating…

January 24, 2019

An author sent this one in (’cause she’s a reader too!!). I’m starting with this one first one ’cause she auto-guessed it herself. LOL!!! But still, it sounds awesome and since these reader questions help us find new books to read I figured I’d post it anyway if this is up your reading alley too. [...]

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Colleen Hoover – Maybe Someday Series Reading Order

December 2, 2018

GASP!!!!!! Who knew there’d be a reading order for one of my favorite books from a few years ago, but as of now, there is! SURPRISE!! Ever since Colleen Hoover surprised us a day ago with a book #2 (totally unexpected – at least for me!!) well… it’s time for a dedicated series post. Who [...]

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Reader Question – The book about a girl that moves in with sisters & falls for their older brother who is in a band.

November 29, 2018

Oooooh it’s a love triangle!!!!! Shani is looking for this one, and I could swear it sounds so much like a recent reader question (so I’m going to search for it and see if they match up!). In the meantime, Shani asks: Hi I’m looking for a book a read while ago. It was based [...]

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Chloe Walsh – Boys of Tommen Series Reading Order

November 28, 2018

RELIEF IS HEREEEEE!!!! Keeping 13 (book #2) was DESPERATELY needed and here. it. is. It just went LIVE and our crew went CRAZY for book #1!! <— P.S. Book #1 is super-bargain priced today!! !!! Ashley: Omg yay! Loretta: Only at 3% and the tears are already starting. Tasha: Oh, yes. I finished Binding 13 saying out loud, “WTF [...]

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Reader Question – The book with the article saying she only dates successful athletes…

November 8, 2018

Jen needs our sports romance book help!! Oh oh… is she a groupie and how does he take it? Well first, we need to find the book. She asks: Hey Maryse, I’ve recently been on a sports romance kick and I’m trying to remember a book I read a while ago. It’s been driving me [...]

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J.B. Salsbury – Mercy Duet Reading Order

October 24, 2018

<— I LOVE THE SOUND OF THIS ONE & THE DUET IS COMPLETE ’cause book #2 just went LIVE!!! She joins his foster family (and she’s from a mental facility)… About book #1: She was brainwashed into believing she could save mankind. Now, she’s the one who needs saving. Abandoned with his two younger brothers, [...]

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