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by Maryse on May 10, 2014 · 4 comments

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STANDALONE “FORBIDDEN ROMANCE” SERIES ALERT!! Well, by that I mean, it would appear that each book in this series can be read as a “standalone” (even though they are “connected”). And okay well, you know why I had to highlight this series, dontcha? ;) It’s got forbidden right in the title!!!!!

PLUS! I didn’t realize it at first, but the first book in the series is one that I already have HIGH on my TBR list. The first one: She has bad track record with relationships, but meets and becomes friends with a guy in college… and starts falling for him… “He could be my soul mate…except for one teeny tiny glitch. He’s a gigolo.” <— *EEEEP!* :P

Jeanie: I read Price of A Kiss Sept. 1st and I have to say that I absolutely loved it!  It’s definitely one of my very favorites this year.  I had a smile the whole time reading it – it’s that good!  :)  The book is very “conversationalist” which I happen to really like.  Reese will crack you up and Mason… sigh…  :)  :)  :)

Cody: I did read Price of a Kiss, and really liked it. Girl falls for a guy who is….wait for it…a gigolo. He only does it to support his single mom and handicapped sister. And has NEVER done the nasty without being paid or own his own will….. very interesting!

Ivannie: Just finished Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage !!It was really good ! Fell in love with Mason !!

Joanna: I am loving this book. Fifty percent in and I’ve gone from think it’s sweet to sexy to funny… I will be checking out her other work, for sure!!!

I mean come on, right??! How the heck is that love story gonna play out? I’m gonna be right there with it for that ride, for sure.

But then… when the second book came out (completely different story) I was all excited for that one, too. HE’S a college sports-star, can have anyone he wants but the one woman he wants… er… well… —> “I never expected to connect with anyone like this or want more beyond one night. This may be the real deal. Problem is Dr. Kavanagh’s my literature professor.“  <— *EEEEP!!* :P  YES YES YES!!!

But I still hadn’t put two and two together (that these stories were from the same author). Polly brought it to my attention and I got really excited!

I really enjoyed To Professor, with love by Linda Kage. Loved her first book Price of a Kiss about Mason the gigolo & this one was a very well done professor/student romance. Just gotta say the storage closet scene…… Phew….

Maryse: Yay Polly! I can’t wait. This Linda Kage seems right up my alley!

Yep! Even though I haven’t read these books yet, the tons of great recommendations I received on “Mr. Escort” and the fact that BOTH stories are “fun-forbidden” and right up my alley, I’m thinking this author is SO for me!

In fact, I’m so excited about the prospect of reading these (and SOON!) that I’m already putting up a “series reading order” post, even though the series only has two books in it, so far.


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Linda May 10, 2014 at 9:07 PM

Loved Price of a Kiss and it reeeally tugs at the heart strings. Definitely making To Professor, With Love my Mother’s Day treat to me after church and brunch tomorrow!!! Happy dancin’;))) Xoxo

Maryse May 10, 2014 at 9:55 PM

I’ll be on these soon! Make a little two-day marathon of it. :D

Marisa May 11, 2014 at 6:22 PM

I also loved Price of a Kiss, it’s worth reading,

Jody May 14, 2014 at 11:36 PM

I’m not the type to be swoony, but I’ve had a permanent case of butterflies since I started this book. I love these characters! I’m 60% done and I’m trying to slow down and savor the 2nd half. I don’t want it to be over.

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