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About the series:

There’s a new vamp in town…

Dear Mom,

I might be a wee bit late for Cousin Missy’s wedding. It’s been a tough week. Turns out, my blind date from hell was literally from hell. Guy bit me. Next thing I know, I’m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters. And did I mention that I got fired, too?

Bright side-I met a man. Thierry de Bennicoeur. How great is that name? Anyway, he’s sexy, six-hundred years old, and a tad suicidal, but no one’s perfect, right? And we have a deal-he’s gonna show me the ropes of the vampire world, and I’m supposed to help him end his existence. Or maybe I’ll just try to convince him life is worth living – no small challenge with the mostly immortal, let me tell you. I’ll admit it’s a complicated relationship. But with any luck, I just might have a date for that wedding after all…

Hugs and Kisses,


About the future of this series – author states:

I have been contracted for at least two new books that will take Sarah and Thierry from the paranormal romance genre into the paranormal mystery genre. I like to think of it as “season two on another network.” These new books will hopefully appeal to fans of the original series as well as new readers. The new books will take place approximately five months after the events in TD&F.


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