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In the mood for a sexy MMA fighter series? And I’m talkin’ about everything we love on a cocky alpha-male bad-a$$ fighter. Book #2 was just recently released, and book #3 is expected out at the end of this month. :D   I read book #1 and really enjoyed it (here’s my review). And so did these fellow readers:

Nicole: I just finished Consumed.  I really liked it. … found it hard to put it down.  And it made me cry too.  Very few books have to power to do that.  This would be only my third time crying during a book.

Jodie: Maryse, I just finished the newly released Too Consumed from Skyla Madi. It’s the follow up novel to Consumed and I loved it!!

Lori: I really liked the consumed series by skyla madi, can’t wait for book 3!

Nadja: Finished Consumed and Too Consumed by Skyla Madi this week. And hopefully somewhere soon Forever Consumed will be out.  But the First two books where wauw! Seth is a big runner up for Travis and Remy! Really loved the books, and i can higly reccomend them for the people who loves (MMA) fighters and Alpha boys!

Nikee: My favorite MMA fighter after Travis! I loved this series! I even have Seth’s shirt

Wendy: Love Seth!! Love the tshirt Nikee! Where did you get it? Can’t wait for book 3 and at the end of this month…even better!!

About book #1

Olivia James has never been one to walk on the wild side, at least not until she meets Seth Marc—a cocky, sexy fighter at her father’s gym.

He’s infuriating, nauseatingly addictive and she just can’t seem to shake him. He’s only been in town a short while and his name is already on everyone’s lips. He’s the kind of guy moms’ warn their daughters about—the kind that leaves a trail of shattered hearts behind him and he has Olivia in his sights.

Olivia has never met anyone as confusing as Seth and his hot and cold attitude constantly sends her reeling. She’s never wanted anyone’s touch so badly in her life, but having recently come out of a long term relationship diving into another is something she’d prefer to avoid.

Determined for his touch, but not to let him under her skin, Olivia embarks on the most thrilling ride of her life.


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