Jaci burton

Jaci Burton – Wild Riders Series Reading Order

February 5, 2012

Since I’ve been on a bad-boy kick lately, and enjoyed the heck out of a recent series that involved quite a few leather-clad biker dudes, I thought this one would fit in quite nicely with my current reading frenzy… As recently recommended by Stacy: “I’ve read alot by Jaci Burton including her “Wild Riders” series. [...]

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Jaci Burton – Play by Play Series Reading Order

January 25, 2012

My friend Jennifer first suggested this series to me, when I went on a bad-boy rock star kick (wait!! I’m still on that kick – BIG TIME! I’m just having a harder time finding a new one that makes me crazy-obsessed like the past ones have…). Anyway, Jennifer messaged me saying: “I’m thinking you need [...]

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