Exclusive Teaser from S. Walden’s upcoming book release, “Better”!

October 9, 2013

Fans of S. Walden’s “Good (Too Good series)” I have some awesome news for us!! <—- There’s more where THAT came from! Of course, we knew it… considering that ending. Not a cliffhanger per se (kind of but not quite). More like the next phase in the story. And I can’t wait to finally figure [...]

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“Come Alive” teaser! Karina Halle’s “Experiment in Terror” book #7 will be out in just 5 days, so here is a mini Dex-treat for you…

June 19, 2013

Who’s in the mood for another teaser? How could I have forgotten? Ohhhh I know. My brain is full of “Book Bash”. Thank goodness for Samantha’s little reminder: Samantha: Ummmm…so when do we get our next Dex teaser Maryse? I’m trying to be patient but its running out! 5 more days to wait!!! Claudia: yeepeeee Johanna: [...]

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Teaser Time! Another teaser (#3!!) from Gail McHugh’s upcoming “Pulse” (sequel to Collide)

April 14, 2013

OMG you guys!! I know ya’ll have been ever-so patiently waiting on this. *ahem* ;) Tee hee!!! Gail just told me she’s had to keep you all in line, I mean… errr “entertained” via happy thoughts while I meandered on my merry way, leaving y’all teaser-less. But!! I was getting you guys something for a post later [...]

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Teaser Time! Another teaser (#2!!) from Gail McHugh’s upcoming “Pulse” (sequel to Collide)…

March 29, 2013

Tee hee!!!! *grins maniacally*  Why am I making this crazy face? ‘Cause… I have Gail McHugh’s latest (second) “Pulse” teaser and I have a release date!!!! Pulse is expected to be released —> August 10th 2013) and Wait ’til you guys read this one… y’all are gonna freak right out!!!! The author likes to play wicked [...]

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Teaser Time! Karina Halle’s “On Every Street” teaser (and a mini “pre-review”)…

March 8, 2013

<—- I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I read this novella “prequel” (which is over 100 pages!!) this week and I must say… it is BIG on intensity and really packs a punch. Karina Halle’s “On Every Street” (prequel to her hit “Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy #1)“) will be out within the next few days [...]

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Teaser Time!! A teaser from Gail McHugh’s upcoming “Pulse” (sequel to Collide)…

March 6, 2013

Ohhhh you guys. I have something *big* for all of you (and me!!!). Remember how much we loved Gavin (in Collide (Volume 1)) and how we couldn’t get enough of him and how crazy he made us feel? (in a good way… and sometimes in an emotionally distraught way). GAH!!! That boook huuuurrrrrt sooooooo gooooood!!! He was [...]

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Never Too Far Exclusive Teaser (thank you, Abbi Glines!!)

January 30, 2013

Quick *slight* spoiler note: If you haven’t read Fallen Too Far, skip this teaser and read  that awesome, angsty, delicious guilty pleasure ASAP!! Here is my review to help convince you. Just look at how so MANY of us loved it!! ——–> I just want to say…. thank you!! THANK YOU!! Abbi Glines for this AH-MAAAAZING “NEVER [...]

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