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by Maryse on December 19, 2010 · 7 comments

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Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, Book 2)
Not many updates from me on the “book front” these days, but only because I have been kidnapped by the never-ending, Christmas-spirited, shopping-monster (aka my husband ;) )

This is my husband’s favorite time of the year, and he quite literally turns into a character in one of those Disney-Christmas-specials (all jovial and excited, planning decorations, and Christmas capers). Considering we live in Florida, and that “White Christmas” feeling never really comes to fruition, it’s an even bigger job for us to get into the Christmas spirit.

In fact, here is one of my more recent Facebook “Status Updates”:

Husband says he’s tired of all the sand and heat. He wants a real TV Christmas where the weather outside is frightful, and there’s a fireplace, and we cook ham and eat turkey and something “bad” happens but it get’s fixed on Christmas Eve and then Santa leave presents under the tree!

It’s true. My workload has increased due to the oncoming Christmas holiday and end of year preparations, but on top of it all, my regular “reading” time has been converted into making Christmas last as long as it possibly can.

This includes watching never-ending Fa-la-la-la-Lifetime, Hallmark and ABC Family Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music all day long at work, (I will admit, however, that I love that part – Christmas movies and music playing in the background of my life soothes my soul, so it’s all good).

But nothing says “Christmas spirit” to my husband more than shopping. Yes. A man that LOVES to shop. And not just for wood and tools. He loves to shop for girlie-things too. He can spend hours in a Yankee Candle store just sniffing. He can spend hours reading Christmas cards. He can spend hours, choosing Christmas decorations, and he can spend hours driving to all of the stores to do just that. But, nothing pleases him more then to “share” all of this with his favorite person. Me.

Awwww sweet right? Thing is, I’m not as keen on shopping late into the night as he is. And I’m especially not as keen on doing it every night. In fact. I’ve got a new nickname due to my frequent protests of “Oh come on!! Shopping again?! Can’t you go alone?” or…”Yup, pretty. Yup. Christmas lights. Oooh wow. I don’t care which, just choose already!” :roll:

So….he has officially given me a new name. Meet Maryse “The Grinch that Stole Christmas” (that’s me! grrrrrrrr!! which is the sound I make when he calls me that). Even our friends know me as that. I think my dogs do too. Yup…there he goes again. He just pronounced, as I’m writing this, that I AM “The Christmas Grinch, and I celebrate Grinchmas”. Oh gee, thanks!

So all this to say that while I am reading, it’s taking me longer to finish a simple book. Well, not that simple. As Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books go, they are wonderfully entertaining, but quite long, with many political and historical references that require a bit more concentration on my part. But I LOVE the characters, and their daily plights, and become completely absorbed in their larger goals, and terrible messes in which they frequently find themselves. And this “ain’t funny stuff” either. Some serious, heartbreaking, torturous moments, chapters upon chapters of “feeling”, whether it be elation or complete and utter despair. Especially one chapter that has me FUMING at Jamie, yet again. FUMING I tell you. I even snapped at my husband when he asked me a simple question as I was “reading that part”, because I was so feeling “Claire” at that moment.

So anyway, I’m 60% through it, and should be done within the next day or so. Review to come at that point. I’m also working on Radiance from Alyson Noël, and I will admit, this one does not have me riveted. Definitely meant for a younger crowd.

So off I go to…what? That’s right. Shop! I mean, come on…Christmas is less then a week away which means my husband is already moaning that “it’s almost over, and we need to kick it up a notch”. *hrmph* :?

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Jennifer Bakley December 19, 2010 at 6:47 PM

LOL Im feeling ya! Im not much into the Christmas,,,thing but the way I grew it was my grandmothers favorite holiday she was kind of like your husband..and living in west texas we dont get awhole lot of the “White Dreamy christmas” Either…so if I didnt put a tree and decorate and make candy etc…etc… she would haunt my dreams “Now “bug” (that was her cute little pet name for me) I taught you better than that”
but anyways…..I have reached chapter 32 in Dragon fly in amber,,hoping to finish it tonite..and it is exhausting me Im having a hard time understanding all the political stuff as well and find myself having to reread over and over to understand..but Im am still enjoying it..but I am having problems diving into for a long period of time I find myself having to break here in there after acouple of hours ,,let my brain absorb enough rambling on my part, if i dont get a chance,,I hope you have a Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year looking forward to a whole new year with all the great books …
as always thanks for sharing

Maryse December 19, 2010 at 9:17 PM

Hey *bug*! (cute!!)

Yes I admit…I still didn’t “get” what they are trying to do. Actually, I finally figured it out, when Jamie got that letter, but wow, it took me awhile to clue in to exactly *why* they were trying to intercede. I mean…I “got it” – I knew they were trying to change the outcome which in turn might change the future but still…holy poop there’s so many political angles and players that it was hard to keep it all straight.

So…how’d you react to Jamie’s…ahem “activities”? That’s what’s so great about the series. Despite the daily life descriptions and regular activites (which is what makes each book so long) there are SO many shocking pivotal moments. It’s why I’m addicted. And that part with the King, that we only find out after the fact? OH BOY when I found that part out, too…yeah. I may be able to put it down, no doubt, but never for long. I’m part of their family, I think ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend (although I’m sure we’ll speak again before then)

LilyofDarkness December 20, 2010 at 11:32 AM

Maryse is Jen another Progeny? Did you make someone else and not tell me I have a sister? *sobs*

I am reading it with you guys but I am so slacking.

So ladies what are we going to kick of the new year with?

Conchita December 20, 2010 at 6:56 PM

I’m reading ‘Drums of Autumn’ now so I may be a little ahead, but as frustrated as I get with Jaime & Claire at times I find myself anticipating next chapter. It took a while to get over Claire’s beating and I nearly abandoned the series at that point, but I find myself still involved with charactors. I find this saga exhausting at times and will be reading other books in between, but I hope there may be an end in sight some time in my life time because this looks like a long long series.

Maryse December 20, 2010 at 8:01 PM

It’s such an exhausting series already, and yet we’re compelled to read it. I’m the same way. I put it down cause there’s absolutely NO WAY I can read straight through (due to the length, and the sheer necessity to re-energize myself), but as soon as I pick it back up, I’m right back into it.

And what about Jamie’s late night ventures “partying” in book #2. I’m still not exactly sure…?

Jennifer Bakley December 22, 2010 at 10:14 PM

Well I wouldnt like to think Jaime would do something like that..but….I would have to say there even, when Claire went to visit the King ….And Im finally done..with it,,and you wont believe the turn of events…I was shocked lets just say i didnt see that coming..I started voyager,,but just alittle bit,,
and Lily….I cant really say,,,right at the moment we’ll have to wait till after Xmas,,lol Ive asked for Stacia Kane Downside ,,,cause You and Mayse just went into a “Terrible” mood and it sparked my interest after the reviews,,and then Ive also asked for the Demonica Series ,,,lol soooooooo ill know more on

Eileen January 14, 2011 at 12:32 PM

Enjoy the “Outlander” Series by Diana Gabaldon. Although I tend to lead toward the Vampire type series’, and so Highlander Romance…. when this came to my attention I was hooked.
Diana Gabaldon has a majical way of creating characters that get under your skin. Her books are big in volume, which for me is part of the charm. I sometimes have a hard time with the politics/history which can be in-depth and confusing at times but a necessary of understanding all their trials and tribulations.
I adore Jamie, and have never met such a strong female figure in Claire. I read the first 3 back to back and I am waiting for what book will follow “Echo In The Bone”. Needless to say I am fearful then next book may be the last…. but Diana has not stated such. She did state it takes her approximately 2 yrs to finish each book once started…. imagine all the historical work involved! Mind boggling.
I truly love this series and it is one of my all time favorites.

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