Reader Favorites – Trisha’s Best 20-something Books of 2017

by Maryse on December 24, 2017 · 11 comments

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Merry Christmas Eve my friends!!!!!! :D !!!!

I have a fabulous new list from one of our FACEBOOK crew, and she’s indulging all of our book genre loves! Take a look at her favorites!

P.S.➔ And if you want more… check out her 2016 list, too! Reader Favorites – Trisha’s 2016 Top 10 List

Trisha’s Best Books of 2017

“I’m so excited to share “My Best of 2017” list with you. I’ve made it my mission this year to keep an ongoing list in my iPad of books that really stood out for me! Last year I felt like I left some out and didn’t want to do that again.

Romance books are my life. I love them all, this year I kind of got into some dark romances which was new for me. Lots of my reads are hot, so beware if that’s not your style. I don’t have categories for everything because I couldn’t narrow it down like that. If I loved it, I added it!

I hope you enjoy this list as much as I did reading them.”

Unless you’re living in a cave then I’m sure you’ve gotten your hands on some Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland books! Those two know how to turn the pages in a romance and their female protagonists are always love-able. (which is a must for me)

My favorites of this incredible duo this year are, “Mister Moneybags,” “Drunk Dial,” and “Dear Bridget, I Want You” These three books will give you a down to earth millionaire, a boy-next-door turned hot bad boy second chance romance, and a sexy doctor with an accent. (Yes accent!) All three will have you rooting for the couple and counting down until the “I love you.”

Also I have to include Penelope Wards book, “Mack Daddy,” because it’s a hot single dad and that scene when they finally hookup is steamy. Won’t forget that one!

I know if you’re reading this then you are more than likely a fan of “Archer’s Voice,” and…

Mia Sheridan released a new Sign of Love novel in her series called, “Preston’s Honor.” This book was expertly put together and flowed so nicely especially over the years the story takes place. I felt like I grew up on that farm.

Mia did a great job at describing the pain that can come from migrant farm working and the joys of never giving up on love.

Sheridan also had “Most of All You: A Love Story,” come out recently and it was divine. I can’t tell you how fast I consumed this book. It had everything I loved.

It’s about two people that grew up under horrible circumstances and found love through each other. There’s really no way to explain it without giving away spoilers. But it will break your heart and put it back together, I promise.

Favorite quote, “I don’t mind chasing you, Ellie. Just let me catch you once in a while.”

Good Boy by Elle Kennedy and Sabrina Bowen.

Girl Crush by Stephie Walls. This one will keep you laughing and grow your vocabulary for all things related to sex.

SICK FUX by Tillie Cole will have you wondering if you can read another page while also not being able to put it down. It’s a dark one, but I swear you’ll experience every emotion while reading it.

Also “Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen Book 5),” this book is part of her “Hades Hangmen” series and I recommend all those books if you’re into dark romances with a side of MC.

Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry. I don’t think this woman has written a book I didn’t love. Each letter is epic and those are 19 reasons just to read it. I loved the story of Jemma and Braxton. My review is here somewhere.

P.S. Check out her review of this book right here on the blog!!

Before We Were Yours: A Novel by Lisa Wingate was one of the best books I’ve read in years. I’m a sucker for historical fiction, and the real life catastrophe that was the Tennessee Children’s Home was heart breaking to read. The book jumps back and forth from present to past, while bringing together two stories effected by Georgia Tann and her crooked dealings. It’s heartbreaking, but inspiring at the same time. This is a book that stays with you and you’ll be recommending it for years to come.

Complicated Hearts (Book 1 of the Complicated Hearts Duet.) by Ashely Jade. This duet I’d heard so much hype about when the first one was released in June. I waited even though it killed me because I knew the conclusion would be out in October. Wow, it was amazing. I binged theses books in two days.

If m/m/f books aren’t your thing then you might not like it but I can tell you this is not your usual menage book. It delves into so many emotions, you’ll have a book hangover after it. From first love, heartbreak, moving on, growing up, forgiveness, self reflection, all these emotions will have you second guessing which guy to root for and how it will end.

Drive by Kate Stewart, and yes I know this is one Maryse’s favorite books this year. She is why I downloaded it. Now I’m recommending it for truly different purposes though. I don’t like love triangles. There are not my favorites, I like a guy that I can root for and know will come through in the end.

Lots of books with triangles try to make you like each guy, but fail for me, anyways. I honestly didn’t know if I liked this book till I was halfway through it. Not that it wasn’t good, but because I couldn’t let myself hope for which guy won in the end. I felt in between.

At about halfway I realized, the author did it. She made me love both guys, which made the unknown outcome that much torturous for me. Then I was mad, because I felt like I wouldn’t get closure without there being some scene that made my own choice perfectly clear so I could close the door on the other guy. These are the emotions I experienced while reading, and I’m glad to say I closed that book utterly satisfied with the ending. It was perfect, and I applaud Kate Stewart for being able to make her readers walk through that journey and come out happy with the outcome. That’s not easy for an author to do.

The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas. This book, this book! I loved it. I know some people have issue with cheating books, but I just loved this. That’s all I can really say, because if it’s an issue for a reader then nothing I say will make them like it.

Do not let your reservations dissuade you and read this! The Forbidden tastes so sweet, sorry not sorry.

The Tutor and it’s sequel, The Brother by K. Larsen. Ok now, I’m not a newb to romantic Stockholm books, but this one took the cake. This one was different in that I had no idea what was going on.

Stockholm books are pretty straight forward, and this book hopped around from past to present and different p.o.v.s that I felt like a yo-yo at times. So normally a book like that makes my ocd go crazy, but I stuck it out because the writing…..the writing was flawless. I embraced the jumping and dove into Nora’s world and it was addicting, Larsen definitely kept me engaged! The sequel was also a nice way to wrap up the feelings I had over the first one.

The Day She Cried by K. Webster was an emotional whirl wind. Too many times I loved Rome and then wanted to hit him. I thought he couldn’t redeem himself in my eyes, but he did, he so did. Ultimate catfish love story.

Sierra Simone finished her “New Camelot” series this year. “American King (New Camelot Book 3),” wrapped it up with a bang. I binged on this series over a week, and it was so hot. It had me wanting to freshen up on my Arthurian legends also. This series is exactly why I love Sierra Simone. She takes our society’s view on relationship “norms,” tosses them in the air, catches them, and sets them on fire, all before you can ask, “where the match is?”

The Hard Truth About Sunshine by Sawyer Bennett. This book is inspiring and everything you need to read. Lots of tears were shed while reading this, but lots of smiles also. This book will heal a broken heart.

The Outskirts duet by TM Frazier, was consuming. It had everything I love in a book. Romance, betrayal, hot and brooding eye candy, amazing friends, angst, and a great plot. The supporting characters are reason enough to read this book, but make this your next hot steamy read for a weekend, you won’t be sorry.

Without Merit: A Novel by Colleen Hoover. It’s CoHo, enough said. I’ll only add that Merit is prob my most favorite protagonist I’ve ever read. She’s someone I’d love to hang out with, actually the whole family. Y.A books don’t tend to stay with me, but this one did. Beautiful writing, and character descriptions. Hoover made me understand each one and feel like I lived in that house.

So there’s twenty something books that stayed with me this year, I couldn’t narrow it down more than that. So many good ones. This turned out longer than I anticipated, but books are my friends and I felt it imperative to share my love about each one with you. Happy reading.


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Tessa December 24, 2017 at 9:34 PM

OOoo, love this. I have GOT to get American King. I still haven’t for some reason. Dear Bridget, I Want You had me smiling a lot. That story was just fun. And, of course, I loved Drive. :)

Leslie M December 24, 2017 at 9:57 PM

Yes! I forgot about Dear Bridget, that was a good one.

I actually read a lot off this list. I love seeing everyone’s faves.

Trisha December 25, 2017 at 2:18 AM

Thank you!

JulieO December 25, 2017 at 5:25 AM

Merry Christmas Maryse and Everyone…
Just want you all to know that I appreciate all your comments and suggestions and Maryse thanks for making my life more enjoyable.
Here’s to many great reads in 2018!!!

Maryse December 25, 2017 at 10:13 AM

Merry Christmas guys!!!!! :) <3

When I get some time today, I’m going to indulge in “Worth It” Tee hee!!! It’s supposedly laugh-out-loud crying funny. YAY ME!!!!

Cheryl December 25, 2017 at 10:23 AM

Merry Christmas Maryse and all my book Friends!!!!!

bev December 25, 2017 at 2:14 PM

And I have not read any of these either, lol. I was out of the loop this year ….or on a different loop.

Love the little blurbs for each book. Some very tempting options. It seems like Most of All You has some positive reviews and recs for it.

Grey December 25, 2017 at 8:54 PM

Great list! Thanks for popping in to share with us! I have read Girl Crush, Drive and of course, LOVED The Tutor and The Brother by the amazing K. Larsen.

I have a couple more to add to Mt. TBR it appears! Thanks Tricia, and you too, Maryse, for being our hostess with the mostest!

Jan December 26, 2017 at 5:48 PM

Love seeing these very different reader lists. Thanks Trisha. Don’t think I’ve read a single one of yours either! This is FUN!

Some of yours look a bit dark for me *shudders* but others are on my ‘considering’ pile.

LisafromDFW January 2, 2018 at 1:11 AM

Thank you for the rec of The Hard Truth about Sunshine by S Bennett. I read it after reading this post. It was sad but more bittersweet. She wrote it based on a random experience she had in an airport. So good!

Amy January 7, 2018 at 12:26 AM

I love seeing lists like this from the “other” crew!

And this list is SO up my alley. I’ve only read Drive (freaking LOVED it) but I have Most of All You, Sick Fux, The Forbidden, The Tutor, The Day She Cried, and Without Merit waiting to be read in my library. The poor things have gotten BURIED and need to get pushed back up to the top ASAP.

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