Book Review – All In (Full Tilt Book 2) by Emma Scott

by Maryse on October 16, 2016 · 4 comments

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All In (Full Tilt Book 2)
An absolute healing, fulfilling, sweet and perfect story that was everything I’d hoped for (and come to expect) from this author. In fact, I was delighted at the little “butterfly” touch that she graced us with, in this conclusion to a beautiful love story. Gorgeous, heart wrenching, and will completely mend your heart, in the best of ways.

In fact, you CAN read this one, without reading book #1 (you can understand it as a standalone without issue), but there is nothing more complete than knowing where these wonderful characters came from, what they have been through, and the poignant connection that ties them all together. And specifically, why we needed this book so badly.

Celeste: I just finished All In. I’ll just copy and paste my comment I posted on Emma Scott’s Facebook page – that kind of sums it up for me, lol.

Oh my God. I’m not sure whether to be mad at you, or if I should be professing serious love for you. I feel so melodramatic in saying this, but oh well, here it goes, anyway. You completely destroyed me. Took me apart, systematically, by pieces. But then you rebuilt me… So I think it’s love. Thank you for this story. Thank you so much.


Just perfect. A true romance, with all of the angsty touches that keeps tugging at our hearts, a look into realistic “side” characters, and the pain and growth that comes from such personal experiences.

Now… BEFORE I GO ON… ANYONE THAT HASN’T READ BOOK #1 but that wants to… LOOK AWAY NOW!! DO NOT EVEN READ THE BLURB FOR THIS BOOK. I LOVED book #1, and loved this one just as much, so whatever you do, DO NOT spoil this deeply emotional story for yourself. Do not read further below, just start reading Full Tilt right now! ;)

Cheryl: I’m also eyeing Full Tilt since All In releases tomorrow…

Maryse: Cheryl… you must read Full Tilt!!!! It’s a complete book, except I realize “All In” is DEFINITELY a sequel and you must NOT read the blurb or even that book, until you’ve read #1. ;) Mind you, if anyone stumbles on #2 first and reads it, they’ll still be able to follow… it’s just much more poignant after experiencing #1.

Cheryl: …I just finished Full Tilt and I am a SOBBING mess! I kinda *hate* you right now. Beautifully written, but gah I just, ugh, feel so devastated!!! Gonna look at All In…

Maryse: Move to ALL IN Cheryl!!!! ASAP!!!

R. Renee: Cheryl, if you’ve read the blurb, you pretty much know what you’re in for. Full Tilt hurts, but All In heals :)

So what’s it about?

After the beautiful love story between Jonah and Kacey, Kacey is trying to pick up the pieces but losing herself all over again. Writing beautiful songs, and singing in a small bar in New Orleans, crying and drinking herself into a stupor, she’s back to who she was before Jonah found her and helped her heal. Minus her past sexual exploits of course, because Kacey’s heart is broken, and she just wants Jonah to come back to her. Badly.

And it’s Theo… Jonah’s protective brother, that comes to her rescue.

She’d fallen out of the goddamn sky like a bomb, blowing up our careful life, smashing routines and disrupting Jonah’s plans. First I was scared she’d leave him, and when it was clear she wasn’t going to, I was scared her staying would hurt Jonah too much.

Still reeling from his own pain, but always there for those he loves, Jonah’s specific request haunts him,

“The favor…I want from you… Remember?”

I sat forward in the chair. “Name it.”


…he knows he needs to help Kacey. Their connection was tentative at first, but is set in stone now, and he won’t let her fall.

When he spoke, his voice was a mountain.

“I’m staying here.” He knelt beside me and picked up my head. His large hands held my face, brushed the hair from my eyes and made me look at him. His hard gaze implored me to give in. Let go. But the terror of jumping in the river and confronting my grief wouldn’t let me. I needed to drink. I needed to stay drunk, or I’d die.

I’d drown.

And together, they pick up their shattered pieces.

Absolutely extraordinary, and EVERYTHING we look for in a profound, epic love story. It spans various important issues with one being the center of them all.

She’d lost weight. So had Dad. His eyes followed my mother constantly, but rarely looked at me. He hardly spoke to me, either. We’d never been close, but Jonah always bridged our gap. Without him, an abyss lay between me and my father. A distance neither of us made an effort to close.

Goddammit, Jonah, come back and fix all this because I f**king can’t.

Do yourself a favor and read it from the start, and feel every single moment, growing with these relatable, flawed, and yet moving characters.

Every night, I called one final thought into the deep darkness: Come back to me.

And just before the dark consumed me, a whisper returned: My angel, let me go…

Gah… I want to cry so hard. *sob*

I’m telling you, this touching “duet” is it!! You’ll never forget it.

4.5 stars!!!

P.S. I’m giving 5 stars to this “duet” as a whole.

P.P.S. Thank you to the author for sending me this review copy!

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marina October 16, 2016 at 2:01 PM

Hi Maryse, I’ve been waiting anxiously for this review! So excited that you liked it and now can’t wait to read it!! I’ve started reading “Behind Closed Doors” so when I’m done it’s straight to this. I need to know what happens!!

Maryse October 16, 2016 at 3:49 PM

YAY marina!!!

I can’t remember… have you already read #1 yet?

Cheryl October 16, 2016 at 7:09 PM

Maryse, I am glad I read All In!! Thanks!! :)

Teri W October 17, 2016 at 4:13 AM

Full Tilt is waiting on my kindle. I never read until all parts are published. Let the reading begin!

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