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bloodcallsBlood Calls (The Calling)
Book six focuses on the stunningly gorgeous vampire, Diego, who had recently suffered an incredible loss in a past book (the murder of his longtime vampire girlfriend “Esperanza”). We’ve been privy to certain aspects of his personality in past books, and his character was quite alluring. I couldn’t wait to absorb myself in his path to finding love once again.

Diego has been friends with a human female (Ramona) for quite some time. He has taken her under his wing, and unknowingly, assisted in turning her life around, encouraging her to develop her true talent as an artist. He owns an art museum, and he intends to help her gain exposure by showing her work.

While she finishes some of her own pieces for the upcoming show, she is contracted by a wealthy, highly respected man, to recreate some priceless masterpieces for him. She feels the need to accept the job, as she is dying of a blood disorder, and wishes to secure enough funds to take care of her mother once she is gone. Upon completion, her near perfect (but unsigned) reproductions are delivered to him, and shortly thereafter, she discovers them, signed, and being auctioned off as originals in a fund raising event. Concerned, she informs Diego of her suspicions, and the danger to her life begins!

She sighed harshly. “I’ve just told you that I copied three masterpieces and am possibly on someone’s hit list, and you want to get to know me better?”

She bit back the part about being a dead woman walking, which would be sure to cinch the deal and have him running away as fast as he could, as most men would. There were few heroes left in this world.

But Diego was apparently harder to scare away than most. “Together we will figure out what to do about van Winter. Trust me.”

This book had a little bit of everything… the apprehensive longing between two friends afraid to take a chance, the unknown secrets that each conceal (you know, she is dying, he is dead ;) )

There was no such thing as a long-term relationship for him. Not with a human. Possibly not even with a vampire, he mused as he thought about Esperanza’s untimely death, so sudden and without reason.

Maybe that was his punishment for his earlier decadent and selfish ways. Maybe that was why God had seen fit  to doom him to a life of everlasting loss and uncontrollable change – to punish him for his past sins.

And Ramona? he thought, cradling her tighter as she murmured his name in her sleep and a furrow marred her brow.

She was to be his for only an instant, since every moment with her was one filled with deceit.

His deceit about what he was. What he could give her, which was…

Nothing, Diego thought.

and the mortal danger that could bring them together or tear them apart for good. Of course, there are also wonderful cameos by some of our favorite characters from past episodes. While I found myself wondering how Ramona could trust a wealthy man asking her to forge reproductions, I did accept that some sort of drama/danger was needed to turn this from a love story, into a thriller. I liked it (especially when all the secrets came tumbling out - a few, unhinged chapters replete with turmoil). I still love the crew, and am quite happy to continue on Caridad’s journey!

4 stars

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