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by Maryse on November 12, 2009 · 3 comments

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Born of Fire
My Sherrilyn Kenyon marathon continues! Thank goodness she has written so many exciting books, as I have been thoroughly captivated since late August with her work :)

The latest one (that I finished last night) is the second in her “League” series called Born of Fire (Syn’s book).

In book one, halfway through the story, Syn (Nykyrian’s best friend and associate) disappeared (his immaculate house left in shambles).

In book two, we see life through Syn’s eyes, including yet another tortured childhood (he was raised by an evil, notorious murderer), that cultivates a tough exterior and houses an insecure and saddened heart. Uninterested and disillusioned with love (especially Nykerian’s new love interest), he is determined to avoid any potential attachments.

All his life it hadn’t mattered to him that he was shit to the world. He was used to that. It was the day he’d become shit to his wife and son that had ruined him.

All he’d ever wanted was for one person to not blame him for his parentage. One woman who could look at him like he was a man and not a monster out to hurt her.

Having been abused and even abandoned by those closest to him, he was forced to live on the streets, stealing and fighting to survive (bringing about an innate sense of self-preservation).

Escaping ”Nykyrian’s drama” and the turmoil that has been building inside of him, he takes refuge in his home, and is visited by a “Seax” (I would liken them to a bounty hunter with an EXTREME sense of moral righteousness). The Seax, (Shahara Dagan) is the sister of another of Syn’s best friends (but she does not know him personally). While she doesn’t realize exactly who Syn is, and what he means to her family, she is determined to take him into custody for the “kidnapping, rape and potential murder” of Princess Kiara Zamir (Nykryian’s new girlfriend. If you’ll recall, Kiara’s father is slightly *overzealous* in his reactions to her staying with Nykyrian).

A struggle (some physical, some of wits) ensues, and they eventually part ways with an understanding. Unfortunately, Shahara’s need to “do what’s right” causes Syn much eventual trouble. While Syn’s belief is that every woman will eventually turn against him…

“You’re right. As a rule, I don’t let people get too close to me.”

“And why is that?”

“Because when they look at me, they don’t see me. They only see my father’s son.”

…Shahara’s actions (despite her true feelings) keep demonstrating that his jaded outlook on love might actually be accurate.

Shahara bit her lip as she processed that latest bit.

What had she done?

You arrested your brother’s best friend. Idiot!

She had the terrible feeling that she’d made a horrible mistake. One, by turning him in. Two, by signing a deal with the devil to help out her family.

If half of what Kasen said was true, Caillen would never forgive her for doing this to his friend. A friend who’d helped all of them over the years.

What was she going to do? She didn’t want Caillen to hate her. Or even Kasen for that matter.

They were her family.

The only family she’d ever have. She couldn’t hurt them, any more than a mother could hurt her own children.

What a way to pay a man back for helping you. Gah. I suck as a human being.

The two struggle (on their own, and together) with their past demons, their attraction to one another, and those out to kill Syn for matters far more intricate then what she was hired for (and might also be proving to be unwarranted). Unfortunately for both of them, Shahara realizes this fact too little, too late. Or is it?

I can’t believe how badly I’ve screwed all this up…Closing her eyes, she wished she could take away the pain she’d caused him. It was obvious he had enough to bear without the misery she added to his life.

She stretched to ease the aching muscles of her back. In the end, she’d done what she had to and there was no going back. All she could do now was see to it that he suffered no more than he had to.

As a seax, she owed him that much.

Loved it all! TONS of extremely touching moments (one of my favorites was when they hid together in the catacombs, holding each other in comfort while getting to know each other’s past). Tender moments detailed so beautifully, that every heartfelt moment felt genuine.

But Shahara had stared into the abyss of his soul and seen the monster that lurked there. And she hadn’t run.


What made her able to see the man when no one else had? In this one moment, he would give her anything.

Even his life.

I’m lost.

Lost in a way he’d never been before. Not even with Mara. Shahara made him want to be something more than a drunken thief and a paid killer.

She made him want to be a hero…

Pulling back, he stared at her dilated eyes and saw the ragged pleasure on her face. And as he gazed at her, he realized the truth.

I’m not lost. I’m found.

Oh WOW… I loved that part!!

Of course there were a few too many illogical moments of doubt (although those moments did help in extending the angst that made this story so delectable), but overall, this story was exciting, full of action and danger. I completely related to the heroine, and every feeling she displayed, whether it be her fear of heights (*cute*), to her fear of compromising her values, to the most important fear of all, telling a man, who is so deeply jaded against love, that she loves him. Of course, I fell completely in love with the hero (sweet, strong, street smart and distinguished all rolled into one hunky package)!

One *slight* complaint, was that a part of the ending, felt somewhat rushed (and I would have loved an extended, more drawn out version). But that’s it.

Come on! You know you want to read it!! And if you have read it, please tell me your favorite part :)

By the way, Sherrilyn Kenyon has a third that will be out on December 1st 2009 called Born of Ice, and I will be a happy camper when it is released. And best of all, there will be more books to come! YAY!

4 stars

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Kayla March 11, 2010 at 4:53 PM

I loved this book, I love all of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. My favorite part though was when Shahara meets Syn’s ex-wife

Maryse March 11, 2010 at 9:43 PM

That was a really good part! She intends on continuing the series. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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