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by Maryse on February 1, 2011 · 3 comments

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Chosen: A House of Night Novel
With each and every passing book in this series, I become more addicted. First, I want to say that I LOVE the camaraderie. Every member of Zoey’s group is special and genuine (especially a certain someone that surprised me a ton). Love them! Well…maybe I like the “twins” a little less. They are just plain weird, but, yeah, they love Zoey, so I’m cool with their “quirky connection”.

Unfortunately, like all teenagers (and even adults), sometimes, no matter how close we are, we manage to hurt each other, even if we don’t mean to.

The trouble Zoey manages to find – all I can say is WOW! I’m beside myself with the turns this book took, and the choices Zoey made in this one. However, I don’t know that I can completely blame her, or even call her stupid. More like inexperienced, and learning life as she goes. Unfortunately, learning can be painful, and you’ll feel every moment with her.

“I don’t like the way he looks at you.”

My stomach lurched. “What do you mean? How does he look at me?”

“Like you’re not a student and he’s not a teacher.”

I’m also going to be honest in saying I really didn’t think the author would go there. Oh there were hints and there were moments where I went “oh oh” and then there was an OH MY GOD moment, and then another, and then another, and all I can say is…

I. Can’t. Stop. Reading.

Zoey’s thought process and her deductive reasoning ranges from brilliance to absolute lunacy. She’ll make a completely rational and self-sacrificing decision in order to keep something potentially dangerous, a secret (despite of course risking losing the trust of her closest friends if they ever found out). And then, she will turn around and let her selfish heart and hormones lead her right into potential disaster.

He leaned back a little, not taking his arm from around me, but looking into my eyes.

“You’re changing, Zoey. And I’m not sure what you’re changing into.”

Ohhhhh sure…. it’s easy for us to judge. It’s easy for us, the adult reader, to recognize the right decisions. Heck, even she sees it, when objectively rationalizing her situation. But, confronted with the reality, when the *problem* is staring her in the eyes, and well… you know ;)  After all, she is young and inexperienced. And young. Seventeen…so close to “adult”, yet so far away.  *shrug*

With all of the new changes in her life, the new responsibilities, the expectations of her *grand* potential, she remains a confused little girl with a very new, and very young support system. Chosen. I get the title. She sure is “Chosen” (by everyone) *sigh*. And the choice remains hers. But sometimes, when one can’t decide, they find themselves completely out of options and life decides for them.

I tried not to flinch when he called me Priestess and my lady. No dang way I deserved either title.

What about her mentor? Oh right…fuel to the fire, that one. Her own mentor, the High Priestess Neferet, revered for her beauty, wisdom, power, and compassion, is proving to be everything but. She’s up to something. I’ll let you find out.

And to top it all off, Zoey’s bound and determined to *fix* her very broken, undead best friend, Stevie Rae. She supposedly didn’t survive the ”Change” into becoming a vampyre, but I’d say she (and a few others) survived it a little too well. There are vampyres, and then there are VAMPIRES. *chomp*

Stevie Rae shook her head and her short blond curls, the ones that weren’t all nappy and dirty, bounced, reminding me of how she used to look. “It’s gone. Whatever I once had died with the part of me that was human. You need to accept it and move on. I have.”

“I’ll never accept it. You’re my best friend. I’m not going to move on.”

Suddenly Stevie Rae hissed a nasty, feral sound, and her eyes blazed blood red. “Do I look like your best friend?”

I am losing sleep, and I don’t care. I read every waking moment that I can, and I wake up, thoughout the night, to slip in another half hour or three ;) . Guess what. I wanna stop talking about book #3, so I can get back to book#4. Yup, already halfway through it, and oh my! There was an improv Othello scene that melted me into a puddle, and then froze me solid. This series gives me what I want.

Swooning is fun!

4.5 stars!

Interested in the series? Here is the P.C. Cast – House Of Night Series Reading Order

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Lis February 1, 2011 at 5:58 PM

See? I told you this series was good. Just wait…it gets better and better. I found myself so excited when the last book came out that I was rushing thru it! I actually had to stop, put the book down and walk away. I waited a whole 24 hours before i went back. Then, like the adult I pretend to be, i slowed down and ENJOYED the book. You are gonna LOVE what happens next…

Maryse February 1, 2011 at 7:51 PM

Yup Lis, and I’m THRILLED you guys kept on me about trying the series. TOTALLY worth it (I can’t believe I waited this long) and I’ve still got 3 books left! What am I gonna do when it’s over?

Lis February 2, 2011 at 12:17 PM

Not sure when it’s gonna be over. I’ve seen several articles where PC & Kristen have about 15 books outlined and some of those already written. (don’t know if any of that’s true or not). So, who know’s when it will be done. We’re only on book 8, so I say, keep ‘um coming!!

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