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Desire Unchained: A Demonica Novel (Demonica series Book 2)
I did like this book, but I did not bond as much as I thought I would. After book one, I was certain Shade would be my favorite brother. Hot biker look,  long black hair, black leather, tattooed, rugged and sexy! While I felt there was emotion clearly depicted, I found myself somewhat disconnected throughout the story. I blame Shade’s “curse”! It held him back from loving, which in turn, held me back from completely *feeling* the connection between the two main characters. Never fear, it is worthy of reading, integral to the continuing storyline, and anyway, book #3 brought me back front and center!

Shade, a promiscuous Seminous Demon, with seemingly no regrets towards his sexual deviant nature, is cursed. A misdeed from his past, has cursed him with the threat of becoming invisible, and painfully starved, if he is to ever fall in love. He avoids any emotional connection (while continuing to indulge in his sexual nature), and finds himself inadvertently involved with a human female (you’ll remember Runa from book 1 – she was getting too *needy*, and Shade felt it time to cut the ties – ugh! Stupid boys!)

Shade rediscovers Runa in book 2, while they are imprisoned together in a cell. Something is different about Runa…She is just as beautiful, yet, stronger…angrier…(and has her own life changing event which affects her very existence).

“So that made what you did okay? When did you start screwing around on me?”

He propped an elbow on his knee, somehow managing to look casual, as if he got captured by Ghouls all the time and maybe enjoyed it little. “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to.”

“Oh I want to know.”

“I don’t think you do.”

“You’re an ass.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“I was in love with you.” Silence fell like an executioner’s ax. Oh, God. Had she just said that out loud?

Shade and Runa find themselves working together against their captors, while continuously protecting each other from potential harm. As events unfold, Shade and Runa develop a new found appreciation for each other, and re-discover the meaning of friendship. While Runa learns to trust Shade, and overcome her apprehension towards him,

Her heart did a little flip, that he’d have suffered for her, and dammit, it shouldn’t be flipping for him for any reason. It seemed to be looking for any excuse to fall for him again. Clearly, it had a very short memory.

Shade fights any further emotional connection to her, that could potentially doom his fate.

Damn you,” he said, in a voice that had been scraped over sandpaper. “Damn you for making me burn like this. For you.”

We also get glimpses into the developing connection (read: sexual tension) between a half-breed “Soul Shredder” (Gem) and a demon hating Aegis guardian (Kynan). This storyline is almost as absorbing as that of the main characters.

“What are we talking about? Sex?”

Her mouth went dry, and a shiver of both desire and anxiety race through her. “I- I don’t know. I just…could you see yourself with one?”

One long finger trailed along her jaw, the most intimate contact they’d ever had. “Never.”

With that, he stalked out of the room.

I loved how the author cleverly re-depicted many scenes from book one (that were originally overlooked as part of the environment, seemingly, unimportant to the events in book one), and, in perspective to book two, everything becomes much clearer, and crucial to the continuing story line.

While I found myself somewhat detached throughout a portion of the book, the ending was wrought with emotional discord, as alliances were forged (and not just between male and female).

“I would take your pain away if I could, human.” The words were spoken so softly Kynan barely heard them, and then Wraith was stalking away as though his feet were on fire.

I rode every twist and turn with tenacity, wanting to know more (and relieved to know I could lose myself in book# 3 and continue the ride!) I love these characters! Each and everyone is interesting, and likeable, and while I may have not bonded as intensely to the main characters of this particular novel, I have bonded to the series as a whole.

3.75 stars

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