Book Review – Fangs for the Memories by Kathy Love

by Maryse on January 20, 2010 · 5 comments

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Fangs For The Memories
I had heard about Kathy Love through her “Young Brothers” books and immediately collected the series. Strangely enough, I read her “Bourbon Trilogy” first (and LOVED it). I’ve decided to tackle the Young brothers this week, and just finished book 1. Great start, quite funny (Sebastian is especially a hoot…I have a yet another crush…what’s new?), and I really enjoyed the premise of the story.

It is about a New Yorker male (Rhys Young) who is the typical hunky yet brooding, dark and angry, single vampire. In a bar one night, he is intrigued by an adorable non-New Yorker female (Jane) who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having had a bad day on her new venture in New York, she wanders into a seedy bar, drinks too many tequila shots, and is eventually accosted in a back alley, by a recently released prisoner. Rhys, with all of his paranormal abilities is aware of the potential trouble brewing, and steps in to save her.

Rhys, having a sordid past and enemies of his own to contend with, is attacked by his biggest enemy, his brother Christian.

Sebastian (their other brother… *swoon*… woops sorry about that) finds both Jane and Rhys in that back alley, face down and out for the count. Picking up on a connection between the two, he brings them home, and devises a scheme to play matchmaker (considering Rhys is sorely in need for love).

Rhys awakes, and displays a case of selective amnesia. Suddenly, he is back to his old fun loving, and happy self. He thinks that his residence in present day New York is actually his Victorian era, England home and believes that Jane is his chosen bride to be. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t remember that he’s a vampire.

‘I would be careful, brother. I do not intend to share my woman.”

Heat sizzled through Jane’s belly at his possessiveness. But she immediately admonished herself. She shouldn’t be enjoying herself. She had no idea what was going on – and Rhys was clearly not acting normal.

“Especially since she is now, very likely anyway, my wife and thus your sister.” Rhys added, smiling down at her as if he was quite pleased with that idea.

Not normal at all.

Sebastian turned to stare at Jane.

She gave him a weak smile.

Sebastian frowned at his brother, and Jane changed her initial opinion. He could look as intense as Rhys. “Rhys, what the hell are you talking about?”

“This is Jane Harrison.” Rhys came to stand beside her. “The lady to which I have been betrothed.”

When Sebastian just stared at him. Rhys clarified, “From America.”

When his brother still didn’t speak, Rhys turned to her. “I am sorry. Sebastian is often considered the gregarious member of the family. But apparently today he is – ”

“Freaked out,” Sebastian suggested.

His brother Sebastian (also a vampire… *swoon*… hee hee! Can’t help it ;) ) has his work cut out for him, as he tries to help the two fall in love, and keep them both in the dark over Rhys true nature (all the while, convincing Jane to stay and be paid to be Rhys’s caretaker). You know…it’s all part of the “plan”. Of course, it’s not that hard to convince Jane to stay awhile, considering she moved to New York to find a job, and Rhys is damn sexy!

Lots of silly and fun moments with Sebastian’s spontaneous excuses…

But now Sebastian had the peculiarities of being a vampire to deal with. Being a vampire was easy. Being a vampire who didn’t know he was a vampire; that might be tricky. Rhys could end his existence with one short stroll in the sunshine. Or if his hunger wasn’t appeased regularly, Jane could die from one overzealous chomp.

…Rhys’s demands to “ready a carriage” when he wants to go out, (here’s an example scene where he makes this strange request from his modern New York bouncer type employee):

“Mick,” Rhys repeated. “You work for us.”

Mick did raise his eyebrows in response.

“Thank God, man.” Rhys walked over and clapped the giant on the arm. “Ready me a carriage. Immediately.”

At that, Mick’s brows shot up even farther, an almost laughable expression of perplexity coming over his stoic features.

Sebastian stepped forward. “No. Don’t ready – a carriage, Mick.”

and Jane’s flabbergasted confusion over the strange situation in which she has landed herself.

Oh and by the way…this book is also intensely passionate…yup…HOT…

Open your eyes. Watch me. Watch me love you.

and there’s some angst too, but I’ll let you get to that part on your own ;)

4 stars

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ColleenFL January 20, 2010 at 9:19 PM

Great review! Reading the quotes reminded me that it is time for me to reread this book again. I love the way she gets the humor into the story. This is my favorite book of the Young brothers series.

Maryse January 20, 2010 at 9:30 PM

One of my favorite moments is when Sebastian is frantically waving “No!” at the panicking Jane, behind Rhys’s back when Rhys suggests that he might have gotten Jane pregnant…LOL!!! but how to properly quote that and get the “feel” of the hilarity of the moment…Oh wait, did I do it?? haha!

Conchita Berrios January 22, 2010 at 10:22 PM

Good review and you’re right about Sebastian – he is a hotty. Christian I had no patient for, but he does redeem himself eventually.

Maryse January 24, 2010 at 11:07 AM

I mean, even in book#2, we barely get any Sebastian, but the minute he comes into the story, I’m already chuckling like mad! I think his book is next…LUCKY ME!!

Toni February 1, 2010 at 3:02 AM

Ready me a Carriage? Seriously? That’s freaking funny. I was over here cracking up just reading that part. I am now commited. I am going to buy these books.

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