Kathy Love

Book Review – My Sister is a Werewolf by Kathy Love

August 3, 2010

My Sister Is a Werewolf Cute and fun (and really really HOT!!)! I always feel like I can relate to Kathy’s characters. Unlike many of the paranormal books I’ve been reading lately, her characters aren’t as “ancient” and still retain many of their very human qualities. They continue to concern themselves with mainstream human lifestyles, [...]

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Book Review – I Only Have Fangs for You by Kathy Love

January 30, 2010

I Only Have Fangs For You Pooooor silly, sweet and sinfully sexy Sebastian…all befuddled because he can’t stop thinking about the off-beat waitress that now works for him. Not his usual cup of tea (he prefers the super-model types), the klutzy, overly pale (even for a vampire) messy haired, bespeckeled female has definitely caught his [...]

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Book Review – Fangs But No Fangs by Kathy Love

January 25, 2010

Fangs But No Fangs First off…how clever are these book titles?? I just figured out that the neat little play on words actually hints at what the story will be about. Fangs for the Memories (book one) was about a vampire who gets amnesia…get it? This book clued me in because Christian (the evil vampire [...]

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Book Review – Fangs for the Memories by Kathy Love

January 20, 2010

Fangs For The Memories I had heard about Kathy Love through her “Young Brothers” books and immediately collected the series. Strangely enough, I read her “Bourbon Trilogy” first (and LOVED it). I’ve decided to tackle the Young brothers this week, and just finished book 1. Great start, quite funny (Sebastian is especially a hoot…I have a [...]

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Book Review – Demon Can’t Help It by Kathy Love

May 19, 2009

Demon Can’t Help It Well….It’s time to say goodbye to one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I have had. I can console myself with the knowledge that I can read these again, but there is nothing like the “first time” experience when reading a series that is this fulfilling, and this trilogy is full of delicious [...]

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Kathy Love – Bourbon Street Series Reading Order

May 7, 2009

About book #1 Centuries before he was a badass vampire with a rock-star wardrobe and Big Easy charm, Ren was Renauldo D’Antoni, a composer on the verge of great success until he was betrayed. No one could ever know that, but tonight, the shy strawberry blonde with the big eyes and obviously borrowed outfit actually [...]

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Book Review – I Want You to Want Me by Kathy Love

May 6, 2009

I Want You To Want Me (Bourbon Street Book 2) Have you ever read a book (or series) that you enjoy so much that if, by chance, you wake up at 4am, you find yourself reaching for the book, instead of trying to get back to sleep? It’s my favorite time to read. The house is [...]

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Book Review – Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love

May 4, 2009

Any Way You Want It (Bourbon Street Book 1) After a crazy week of work, appointments, and other responsibilities, I was  finally able to repose at the end of the weekend with a gratifying tale of passion. Immersing myself fully in the book was rocky at first. The weekend was here, but the commotion was abundant. We had a sudden plumbing [...]

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