Book Review – How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney

by Maryse on November 10, 2016 · 10 comments

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How to Date a Douchebag: The Studying Hours
Who’s in the mood to read an “old-school” feeling “new adult” indie book, that will make you laugh out loud (over and over again), all, while making us work in that delightful slow burn way, for the romance story. Oh don’t get me wrong… it has plenty of steam and not in the most obvious ways, either. Plus a good dose of believable romance angst.

You know the stuff I’m talking about. That push-pull, let’s just be friends (and for valid reasons – he was a known heartbreaker, one-night-stander, and no matter how hot she thinks he is, at first she can’t stand him and his obnoxious cocky attitude). Plus, well… she’s not his type, either.

DG: I randomly started reading How To Date A Douchbag. So far, I am enjoying the back and forth banter…This h is not giving in easy. Kinda has a The Deal / maybe Beautiful Disaster feel to it….needless to say I’m loving it!

YEP!!! Agreed, DG! It absolutely gave me that “On Campus” feel by Elle Kennedy (especially “The Deal“) and yes… it even gave me that “Beautiful Disaster” feel (to an extent, of course) with them becoming fast friends, hanging out regularly to everyone’s surprise (even sleeping in the same bed at night) without so much as a make-out session.

“And what the hell are you doing with that tank top?”

Her blue eyes roll to the back of her head. “If we’re staying in, then I’m getting ready for bed.”

I point to the offensive tank top. “Not in that sh*t you’re not. No. Jim, we established this on day one; that shirt makes me want to bone you. Hard.”

*snort* He calls her Jim. :P

It’s not that it’s that much different from some of our favorite new-adult college student reads. The whole “good-girl/nerdy-girl mixed with the ever popular jock group.

“So let me get this straight— you have no idea who I am.”

She throws her pencil down on the wooden table and crosses her arms. “I have a feeling you’re just dying to enlighten me.”

Damn right I am! “Damn right I am!”

LOL!!!! He’s so obnoxious. and sometimes so corny. *snort* BUT SO CUTE!!!

But it just worked, ya know? It had it’s own brand of humor and “light” angst, and if these stories are up your romance alley, then THIS one is a must-read. It’s one of “those”. :D

Maryse: LOL!!! I am laughing my butt off, LOVING this book, and it totally has an “Elle Kennedy” college sports guys feel mixed with my beloved Beautiful Disaster. You guys were right!!! It’s hilarious, charming, SUPER-STEAMY, and totally had a jaw-dropping OH NO moment!!! Or two (and maybe more) ;) I’m almost done, so review to come soon, but I already know I LOVE this one!!!

Are you even twenty-one?”
“Oh my god, I hate you right now.” She taps her foot on the carpet in a tiny huff, pretending to be mad. It’s kind of adorable.
“Rule number six: no c**kblocking. And yes I’m twenty-one. Can we go now?”
“Uh… have you seen the idiots staying here?”
“Yes, I’m staring at one,” she deadpans…

:P LOL!!!! Baaaahahahahahahah!!!! I LOVE IT! This isn’t even the funniest moment…

Hilaria: I love this book! Can’t wait for Sara Ney to redeem the next douchebag!

JB: Omg, Maryse, I died reading that book! I read it a month ago and parts of it still come flooding back out of nowhere and have be busting up laughing. “Cobwebs”

Melannie: I lovedddddddd it!

Angela: This book was awesome. So funny and witty. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were the best. And she write an outstanding male POV.

Sarah: Thank you, thank you! I have been in such a book funk and one-clicked this. I read the prologue and first chapter before I had to go to work. I love it!!!

DG: Finished How To Date A Douchebag….LOVED it! It definitely had a The Deal feel to it!

So what’s it about?

James (that’s HER name… actually, “Jameson”) is doing her homework in the library one night, distracted and annoyed by a group of popular jocks (at a nearby table). And when they realize she’s staring (or should I say glaring) at them, she becomes their target. Ugh.

The sadistic creep knows his stare is making my skin crawl.

He relishes the fact.

Guys like him? Surely college will be a short blip on the roadmap of his life, a pit stop on the way to bullying co-workers, business partners, and probably women.

And sort of … YAY!!! ‘Cause this is when it all begins!

Because while she already hates them all (and they make no attempt to be gentlemen), there’s one that has her eye (at least due to his huge size and tattoo sleeves). Sebastian.

I see you watching, but sweetheart, don’t hold your breath— he’d never date someone like you.

And he’d be right— the figure that just disappeared into the library stacks? He wouldn’t want to date me. Wouldn’t look at me twice given the chance.

Have sex with me? Maybe.

Date me? No.

And when he later tries to strike up a conversation with her, to find out if she’s the tutor one of their crew was waiting for, and she doesn’t respond to his attempt at being suave, she becomes the challenge he just can’t resist. Oh sure, he has no interest in her… at first. What with her plain-jane looks and attire, and her stand-offish demeanor, but when his crew bets him money that he can’t get her to respond to him *ahem* physically… well. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

So now you’re thinking… oh no. It’s one of those “secret bet/date the nerd” stories. *sigh* I was thinking that too. But this one is better than that, ’cause he already knows she’s not gonna bite, so he lets her in on the bet.

“Ah, so you interrupted my research to act like an asshole on some lark. For money.”

“Yeah, basically.” I shrug. “Five hundred bucks is five hundred bucks.”

We have a reckoning then, regarding each other with unconcealed interest.

And both having to work hard for their scholarships and finances, she decides to get in on the action. Tee hee!!

“Okay. I’ll give you half the money.”

Her nose wrinkles in distaste. “That’s your apology? Pity money?”

I refuse to say I’m sorry. “Take it or leave it.”

“Fine. I’ll kiss you, but only because you wore me down.”

“You just fleeced me out of two hundred dollars!”

“Two hundred and fifty.”

I loved it. ‘Cause neither one was from that “perfect” life (but neither had a too difficult background either). He was super-smart, and THE BEST at his sport, but not rich, and had to work extra jobs just to make ends meet while he was in college. And she was having difficulties with her classes, and having to put in extra book time to keep up.

Yep! It had a good start, and I was curious about what made this one stand out so much (’cause I remember some every enthusiastic feedback about it). And then I “got it’. As this story developed (and in turn, the characters developed) it rocked my “new adult” world. The writing, the feel, the laughs, how I could actually SEE these characters in my head, their movements, motions, facial expressions… it was so real. I was invested. I was HOOKED. And I was giggling like mad.

I can’t even tell you my favorite funny moment, because after awhile there were so many (but seamless, you know?). Not overdone, or forced.  Just via realistic banter, retorts and reactions that had me doubled over at times, and highlighting with delight. THIS AUTHOR IS FUNNY!!! And it was often a sweet kind of funny along with er… his obnoxious kind of funny. ;)

Goofy, good-looking, and oddly kind-hearted Sebastian Osborne. My friend.

But it’s not all goofy and fun. Because as many romances between unlikely partners develops, emotions and insecurities and doubts get in the way. Friends, and entourage, expectations, and hesitations. Miscommunication and misunderstandings. And you’ll feel those, too!

Great read, minus the somewhat rushed (and quirky-weird) ending. The book had such a great rhythm the whole way through, so I was a bit perplexed by how the ending just felt like an after thought, or just something the author didn’t quite know how to end? But I know that there’s more to come in this series (in fact, the ultimate bully-ass in the group is up next) and I HAVE to know what his problem is. Ugh!!! ;)

4 to 4.5 stars <— It WAS, and maybe still is 4.5 stars (the laughs alone had me there!!). But that “Okay I’m done writing this one” ending. That “THE END” feel of it was too abrupt and made me squinch my forehead in perplexion. <— LOL! I know. Not a word. *snort* I’m going to let it simmer a few days and decide if I want to take it officially to the 4.5 star level. But either way, if you love the college love stories like I do, THIS is one of the awesome-fun ones!

P.S. Not a cliffhanger… I’m pretty sure each one will be able to be read as standalones, but you know the characters will be reappearing. ;)

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Jenn November 10, 2016 at 9:16 AM

Awesome Review Marye-this sounds like just what I need right now after all the highly emotional ones I have read recently-I need to rest my heart :) I think I’ll start this tonight. I started Vindicativa by Angela Richardon last night….Just jumped right in not knowing anything about it but I read her Pieces of Lies Series and loved it so much so I thought I would just dive right in. Not so sure that was such a good idea-OMG-holy hell the first line in the prologue was “Treat me like a Princess, and I’ll blow you like a King” okay so I got passed that and than the first line to chapter one is “”I like being F*cked in the Ass” (insert many emojis here except I can’t) I am not sure what I have gotten myself into as it is nothing like the series I read of hers.

bev November 10, 2016 at 9:40 AM

I love this trope when done right. Especially, if they become friends first, slow burn. Going back to the courtyard first then I think this.

Maryse November 10, 2016 at 7:32 PM

LOL Jenn!!!!

Okay now I have to look that author up… and that book! *gasp*


Maryse November 10, 2016 at 7:32 PM

bev… this is DEFINITELY that. Very good friends, in fact. Endearing as anything, and even to sleep together with ONLY sleep. And snoring. LOL!!!

Alabama Amy (aka Anti-Amy Amy) November 10, 2016 at 8:22 PM

I’ve read this and I highly recommend it for the Low-Angsters and comedy lovers out there. This is probably my “go to” category is for an easy and enjoyable read :) maybe it’s because I’m not too far out of college but I always find these characters very likeable and relatable almost like the old CW shows

marina November 11, 2016 at 10:09 AM

This book sounds so great!! Adding to my list. Reading Hausfrau now. Really liking the unique writing… then I need to read The Life List for book club but I really want to read this one!! May need to squeeze it in.

Maryse November 11, 2016 at 10:11 AM

Oh I know you’ll love this one, marina. :D !!!

Maryse November 11, 2016 at 10:11 AM

Anti-Amy ;) *snort* You are SO right about the feel of this one..

Cheryl November 11, 2016 at 3:36 PM

Ok definitely adding this one to my tbr. Thanks Maryse!!

DG November 12, 2016 at 7:55 AM

Loving that we now have a ‘ANTI-AMY Amy’! Who sounds to truly like the opposite of our Amy…hilarious! Either way…welcome Alabama Amy!

(Just goes to show you can’t not pop in several times a week or you miss stuff!)

Maryse! I am so happy *wiggle dances* that you did read this one and LIKED it! Feeling validated that I DO pick good ones!!!

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