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Imposter: A blockbuster suspense thriller <— IT’S LIVE!!!!!

Oh YAYYYYYYY!!!!! *jumps up and down clapping wildly* <— That was EXACTLY my reaction when I found out K. Larsen (author of my beloved jaw-dropper “Jezebel“) was releasing yet another “mysterious-thriller” book.

Maryse: OMG I LOVE K. Larsen and I want to read this one badly!!!!!

Would it be a psych-thriller, and if so, on what level? Would I be scared? Would I be shocked? Would I guess it one way, and it turn out to be another? My lips are sealed. Well… sorta. ;)

Maryse: Right now, I’m finishing Imposter: A Gripping Thriller by K. Larsen that’s going live in just a few days. She was kidnapped, but is back now, years later. It’s sort of a psych-thriller, but for now a total mystery with a hint of something ominous lurking. I dunno yet, but knowing this author, I have a feeling I will have the rug pulled out from under me, and I can’t WAIT for that reveal. Whatever it may be… ;)

R: I can’t wait to read your review of Imposter. And I forgive you for not waiting because duh!! It sounds so good and I loved Jezebel! :D

Jean: I want Imposter right now! I’m jealous!

And the blurb. HECK YES!!!! A young girl disappears from her family as a small child (kidnapped?), and their family unit slowly breaks apart, and then is tentatively rebuilt as they learn to accept and try to be happy again. But it’s when she shows up alive ten years later… a total mess, and seemingly in shock, that their whole world is thrown for a loop again.

“Sophie?” She chanced. At the whispered name, the girl’s eyes met hers, and squinted. The girl bit her bottom lip. Recognition. Cora’s bottom lip began to tremble. “Oh, my God. Sophie!” Cora cried and pulled the dirty teen into her arms fiercely. All these years. All the searching. It had paid off.

Mistrustful and wary, she claims to not remember much about her original life. While her family delights in having her home again, she keeps her current secrets locked deep inside, and secrets taint them all.

It was really good! Maybe not so thrilling to keep me reading it non-stop in one sitting, because this author has a way with a slow and tranquil build (even a little repetitive or idle, at times), so I was putting it down every once in awhile. It was occasionally confusing, switching timelines and POV’s and well… even characters that we didn’t really “know” yet or understand what their purpose was in the grand scheme of things. But it always remained intriguing. Plenty of ominous ambiance to keep me guessing. To keep me nervous. Which I LOVED!

“Sam, I don’t feel right.”

Sam reached over, put a hand to her forehead. “Sick?”

She pushed his hand away and shook her head. “Something’s not right,” she stated. She couldn’t pinpoint it but the feeling had been slowly building over the last month.

Oh yes… the truth was a-coming.




The next mini-section is me, analyzing the ending, and no, there are no spoilers, but for those that prefer not having a “feel” of what I was thinking, or realizing, or experiencing (and want to discover the rest on your own), stop reading now.

P.S. I gave it 4 stars.

And sure enough, while the reveals weren’t as mind-blowing as I had hoped, I was somewhat surprised. The truth was different from my own main theory. Mind you, my guess was a little “out there” for sure, *snort* but feasible too, so with this one… anything goes.

And overall? I was happy.

…in the the midst of all the destruction, a new beginning was happening.

Yes. Mostly happy with the outcome. A little scary, a little crazy, a little heartwarming. ;)

4 stars!

P.S. Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy!!!

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