Book Review – Indecent Exposure by Tessa Bailey

by Maryse on March 18, 2018 · 5 comments

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Ohhhh my gooooodness I LOVED it!!! Yet another sticky-sweet but in all my favorite flavors, Tessa Bailey super-steamy romance. Yes. ;) That’s hard to say but so fun to read!!!!!! I’m absolutely hooked on her cop stories, and this one was no exception.

What’s fun about this series is it’s cops-in-training. They’re still trying to gain respect and make it through to hero-status, but despite having hearts of gold, they are overcoming their own personal plights. And Jack’s is pretty hardcore. In fact, he’s not sure he wants to become a cop at all, but his two very best friends are in the academy, and so is he.

It frustrates the hell out of Danika, and our other roommate, Charlie- who’s father and brother are big dogs in the department- that I don’t take training seriously. That I show up with a vodka buzz half the time and waltz through the drills like a sleepwalker on Ambien. Maybe I just don’t see the point. A room full of sh!thead twenty-somethings are preparing to call themselves New York’s Finest and I can’t relate to being confident in anything beyond bedroom and parlor tricks.

But it’s when he meets a cute Irish girl on her first day exploring New York, that his plight becomes his biggest fight. With her list of places to visit (most of them, leading her to old-timey NY mob-hits <— LOL!!!) he totally gets a kick out of her. Striking up a deal to let him take her around New York to all of her favorite places (in exchange for his protection and charm no less), she accepts. Yay, right?

But no. It gets better!

The reveal that comes soon after their “meet cute” had me squeeeeeeeeing in delight. ‘Cause when he goes back to the police academy, his class is introduced to their new firearms instructor. She’s a she. She’s a bad-ass. In fact, she’s an olympic medalist in this very skill. And she’s Katie. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

But now we’ve got the instructor/student dilemma. ;)

When I kissed Jack in the park last night, I didn’t know he’d be under my guidance  for the duration of the trip. Now what do I do? Any kind of communication between us needs to be on the up-and-up. Any indiscretion could lead to me being sent home early or losing my position as instructor back home.

Couple that with Jack’s own VERY traumatic experiences as a teen (due to his mother’s lifestyle),

I listened to the Johns talking. I paid attention to my mothers friends discussing their customers and I lured how to murder in bed. It gave me a sense of… value.

…and his own version of current self medicating

I’ve never had to answer for my drinking. It’s part of my days and nights. I don’t have to think as much when my mind is numb.

…to keep himself level,

For a long time, I’ve been surfing this weird balancing act. Prove I’m worthy. Then get hit by the reminder that I’m not. A reminder that I allowed what happened to me.

and well… we have personal introspection, depth and drama.

Oh my friends, we are in for quite a sweet (and OH SOOOOO STEEEEEEEEAMY ride). HOLY MOLY can Tessa Bailey burn up an entire chapter with her scorching hot love scenes. Seriously. *waggles eyebrows*

I can read the message he’s sending me and it goes something like this: I don’t play by the rules and this new development changes nothing.

I loved it. Maybe not as much as the first book in this series (his roommate Charlie is my crush, and had me laughing out loud – and still does in this one). But Jack and Katie sure have chemistry and well… I can’t help but fall in love with a couple in love that have to keep it secret. That… and the fact that her time in the USA is limited and she’ll be forced to go back to her own country.


4 stars!!! Thank you so much to the publishers for sending me this one. I am HOOKED on this series (in fact, here’s my review of book #1 - Book Review – Disorderly Conduct: The Academy). More please?? :D

I can’t wait for book #3. I am hoping BIG time that it will be Danika and the Chief. ;) That one’s going to be loaded in push-pull, I just KNOW it.

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Kooloo March 19, 2018 at 6:16 AM

Well, I’ll know now what to read after one of those RYHO (rip your heart out) types everyone seems to lurv around here :)
Great review babe

Jessica Peterson March 19, 2018 at 8:53 AM

I freaking love this series so hard. I discovered Tessa’s books last year, and she’s quickly become one of my favorite authors. I love how funny yet emotional her writing is. Can’t wait to read this!

Maryse March 19, 2018 at 11:48 AM

It’s got just enough angst to make you worried, but fun and light and super-sexy. Just a good time all around, Kooloo. :D

Maryse March 19, 2018 at 11:49 AM

I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU Jessica. She’s one of my favorites. And she’s got a new one coming out in just a few days. YAY US!

marina March 20, 2018 at 4:33 PM

Definitely will be reading this next up. I started it awhile back right after reading and LOVING Disorderly Conduct but had to put it down to finish a different book. Currently finally reading and loving The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott. Somehow missed it last year, then on to Indecent Exposure. I love Tessa Bailey books. They are guaranteed winners plus with your review, I’m in!

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