Book Review – Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

by Maryse on March 5, 2010 · 2 comments

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Kiss of a Demon King
<——- Woooohooo *hot*! Book six in the series takes us on a journey through Rydstrom Woede’s struggle to get his crown back (he’s a Demon King…or was…), and the one woman who intends to derail his plans.

This story takes place at exactly the same time as Cadeon and Holly’s did. While those two travelled together to retrieve a special sword, Rydstrom was tricked and being held captive by a beautiful, but evil, witch (woops – excuse me…that should be “Sorceress”…they’re different… I don’t know… :roll: ).

Sabine is in cahoots with the very demon that stole Rydstrom’s crown, and while she knows she is his true mate, she doesn’t intend on letting their feelings get in the way of her goals.

So pretty much, you can imagine how this one goes. Two very focused, goal-oriented “go-getters”, that are hotter than hell (literally). Both (one good, one evil) with the intention of ruling, trying to overcome and resist this pesky “attraction”. Lots o’ trickery going on here! But they keep tripping up over their own “li’ol schemes” (<— I’m sayin’ it with an british accent) as they keep taking turns kidnapping each other!

“…how do I know you haven’t given me some potion to make me feel drawn to you? You could deceive me into thinking you’re mine.”

She released him, going up on her knees, then leaned forward until their faces were inches apart. “Look into my eyes, Rydstrom. See me clearly. You know it’s me.”

The book is fun. The steamy scenes are scalding hot…

To reward him, she ran her lips over his horn. His massive body shuddered beneath her, rattling the chains.

(Yeah you know I had to get a demon “horn” scene in…) *blush* angel
Even my husband asked me if I got any “horn action” in this one…wait!?? Did I actually mention the horns to my husband? Woops!! lol!! Ahhh well…at least he’s a good sport ;)

And yes, you read that right. He rattled his “chains”. This one’s a little less flowers and romance and a little more mmmmmm…let’s say….BDSM-ish? Ok well, not hard core or anything, but he’s pretty insistent that she call him master! tee hee!!

…and the adventure gets pretty exciting at times. Unfortunately, I didn’t connect to this couple as intensely as I did to Cadeon and Holly (it’s kinda hard to like a conniving witch), and while there were many memorable scenes, this book was not my favorite in the series. There’s an interesting part in the book that reminded me of a strange “Stargate” style episode…you know when O’Neill and Carter end up in a medieval style world…It’s still cool,  but the feel of the story “shifts” a bit.

All in all, read it! It is a well rounded. There are interesting character backgrounds, lots of action, twists and turns, secrets and turmoil, interesting powers, and something even more powerful than magic, the power of family. And of course…Rydstrom’s sex appeal is certainly worth exploring…

His sexy side…

“So this is what my demon likes.”

Sabine found herself secretly flattered by this. Of all the fantasies a male could have – multiple women and men, fetishes or even deviancies – his dreams were centered only on her. Only her.

His possessive side…

“And Sabine, I can wait as long as it takes. You will lose if you match swords with me in a battle of wills.”

As long as it takes? Exactly how long are you planning to keep me? When will you release me?”

He gave her a strange expression-part possessive, part aggressive. His eyes turned sharply from green to jet-black. “I won’t.”

Ok I couldn’t resist some more possessive:

He ran his lips over her ear, nuzzling it as he said, “I’ve waited a long time for my female. Fifteen centuries I’ve gone without her.” He gently ran his horns against her neck. “Without you. No longer.”

Oh and I found another totally hot “Rydstrom being possessive” part..what’s with me today?

He rubbed his face against hers, inhaling her scent.

“I’ve never felt things like this, and I want more,” he growled at her ear. “You are my obsession, Sabine. I’ve heard every male has one in his life. And you are mine.”

and finally, last but not least, his protective side…

And each night, he still held her tightly in bed. Because she was sleeping five or six hours a night, she had multiple nightmares. Whenever she woke, he was there tenderly stroking her hair.

Last night, he’d rasped, “Shh, baby. I’ve got you.”

That made her toes curl every time she recalled it.


4.5 stars

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mandy March 9, 2010 at 9:09 AM

I loved this series just need to read deep kiss of winter and the new one pleasure of a dark prince. Have you read the lords of the underworld series by Gena Showalter because they referance each over in book 7 of kresley cole and book 4 of the lords. Both times i think it is Nix

Maryse March 9, 2010 at 9:40 AM

Hi Mandy! Yup, I noticed the “nod” to Lords of the Underworld by Nix (guess she’s on her way to see them). I assumed Deep Kiss of Winter was going to be a sort of “merging” of stories since both Gena and Kresley wrote it, but it’s actually just two separate stories that have nothing to do with each other.

So the latest in the series to read, for me is Pleasure of a Dark Prince (which I intend to get to this week), and then I will try Lords of the Underworld since it has been so highly recommended.

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