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Naked: The Blackstone Affair, Book 1
Here is a book that has been recommended quite a few times over the last week. If you ask me, I’d say it certainly has that “Bared to You” feel. So if you’re looking for more, this might be it!! But it’s a “short”! And there’s more to my “but”! See below and I’ll explain: (in my mini review of part #1):

Tiffany: So I got a Recommendation on my Kindle account and I found Naked The Blackstone affair part 1 by Raine Miller and I am LOVING it…Pretty Hot. and sexy…Its Good!! I never trust the comparison thing to Fifty and its not like Fifty but it has the same older guy ..Younger woman kinda feel…Give it a look if you want your heart to skip a beat while reading…LOL!!

Yep.  After receiving a few of these comments, I sure read it and I did enjoy it. Very good!! And while I can see why it’s been suggested as an after Fifty read, I’d say more this is a “What to Read After ‘Bared To You‘” option. It gave me that feel. The hero’s obvious “alpha” inclination (always a plus for me!), his 30-something millionaire playboy status (ummm yes please!), and his instant and almost obsessive attraction to “that girl”. The beautiful one who seems to doubt herself, and who has a personal… “issue”.  The one that holds back from giving herself completely, even though he’s the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid her eyes on. And all women would agree.

Quick note: author identifies the inspiration (supermodel David Gandy) for her character “Ethan”. And you know what? Before I read her post about it, that was EXACTLY who I pictured.

“Okay, I admit it.  I used him.  And he’s good right?  My muse for Ethan Blackstone in Naked (The Blackstone Affair, Part 1) is none other than male supermodel, David Gandy.  I make it easy for readers to figure this out too.  His description is pretty clear to anyone who knows who this man is.  And surprise, surprise…he is British!”

It has all of those… you know. “Fifty-esque” touches. Emotionally scarred characters, with mysterious pasts. The need to dominate, protect, take over. The need to be dominated, protected and taken over. Jealous possessive MINE scenes. Even the silly/sweet texting banter, and “spanking” threats, but, in this one, no actual… “alternative” steaminess. At least not yet. But STEAMY? Oh YES. Was it ever!

But as in all of these “kinds” of books (what do we call this “new” genre? The “after Fifty” genre?) there’s that “secret” burning in the background. That tentative hold on a relationship that could come down like a house of cards with that one  specific “reveal”.

Ok so here is my only issues. It’s an installment!!! ARGH! I was so into it and then it left me hanging. This is a sure bet for those who are looking specifically for a story with a “Bared to You” feel (since we’re dying for that next installment) but OMG. This one is a “short” that leaves us on a cliffhanger! Even though I found myself in a comparison whirlwind (*sigh* yes… I’ve been reading so many of these that they’re starting to meld together in my mind and I’m beginning to feel a tad jaded, but this one is one of the better ones), I was still very “into” it. But GRRRR!!!! For some reason, I went into it with no knowledge other than the recommendations and steamy conversations about it, and had no idea I’d be left hanging. AGAIN! ROOOAARRR!!!! (hehe ;) )

On a personal note, while I am a fan of series consisting mostly of full length books, I am not so much a fan of these installment type “short” books that have been coming out by several authors lately. Price-wise, not cost effective (personally I’d rather spend on a full length book), and because of it’s short length, I’m ripped from the flow just as it’s getting good.

And this one is good. But I’m frustrated (and getting jaded!) and growly with these “short” stories and their installment cliffhangers.

 4 stars!

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