Book Review – Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith

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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion

CAREFUL!! Slight spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the first book! Do not read this until you have read the first one!

I have finished The Fury and Dark Reunion, and had a blast reading it. This one was actually more of a “paranormal mystery” (even a little on the scary side) than a romance novel, but still well worth the ride!

Elena is now a vampire (since she had shared blood with both Damon and Stefan, it appears she has accidentally “changed” and has come back to life). The first part of the book is a look into the struggles Elena faces with having to cope with her new “undead” status, while she tries to hide from society (her friends and family think she is dead). Both Damon and Stefan have to put their feelings for her (and each other) aside while they protect her, and try to solve the issue of the dominant Power that continues to terrorize the town.

We are taken on a whirlwind of various paranormal occurrences, including Bonnie’s improving psychic powers, Elena’s self discovery, and the secrets with which she entrusts her friends. We also discover the true role that the new history teacher “Alaric” has in town. What we end up with , is a sort of “Buffy the Vampire” team of friends/experts that now have to work together to fight this evil power. New friendships are forged, new powers emerge, and enemies, in all forms, have to be battled.

While there are a few romantic instances that set us up for future installments, be prepared for action and adventure. Friendships are tested, and emotional connections run on a  deeper family/friendship level. Romantic love, while it remains an integral part of the theme, sits mostly on the back-burner in this one folks!

Some funny moments with Elena as a new vampire:

Elena licked her lips.

“No,” Damon said shortly. “This one’s not for biting…”

A little romantic tension

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about anyone else.” Damon said charmingly. Then he gave one of his ice-cold lightening smiles. “But are you suggesting that this is your choice? Remember, we agreed that when you were more rational you would make one.”

Elena stared at him. Of course it wasn’t her choice, if he meant romantically. She was wearing the ring Stefan had given her; she and Stefan belonged together.

But then she remembered something else, just a flash: looking up at Damon’s face in the woods and feeling such – such excitement, such affinity with him. As if he understood the flame that burned inside her as nobody else ever could. As if together they could do anything they liked, conquer the world or destroy it; as if they were better than anyone else who ever lived.

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