Guest Review (my sister!!) – Generation (The Imitation Series, Book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand

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Generation (The Imitation Series, Book 3)

Review by Johanne Pearl Couturier

OK this is it! The moment you wait for after the second book of the series because the way it ended almost made me scream! OK… I did scream a little. I know, I know… it had to be loud or else it is not a scream right? *wink* Was I ever lucky to have the 3rd book already in my Kindle!!! Oh Hell yes! Ha ha ha

It is the book where everything falls into place and I was beaming because, it is about REVENGE! Do I need to say more? Not only Heather Hildenbrand gives us satisfaction in giving Ven what she wanted and worked so hard for, but she straightens a few other wrongs as well! Felt soooo good all the way to the last page, to the last line… that last sentence creating goose bumps on my forearms as it is a universal truth… and we DO need to be reminded.

All in all, a great science fiction series!

(4 stars)

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