Book Review – Home For The Holidays by Jeaniene Frost (The Bite Before Christmas Anthology)

by Maryse on October 28, 2011 · 6 comments

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Home for the Holidays as found in The Bite Before Christmas Anthology
This was actually a very significant and important addition to the Cat and Bones saga. I can actually say, I enjoyed it a ton, even if it still didn’t have that old Cat and Bones “magic and sizzle”. In fact, I think I’m going to dare say that I liked this “short” better than the latest full length release (One Grave at a Time).

What it lacked in romantic tension, it made up for with an intriguing and somewhat scary mystery, quite a few moments where I “uh oh’d” about Bones…

Never had I thought to be on the receiving end of such a glare from Bones…

… a shocking “Oh no HE didn’t!!!” and some twists and turns that made their tale even deeper.

Now I really can’t tell you anything about the story, cause it’s all, pretty much, spoilers. Every bit of it is a surprise that is much more fun to experience for yourself.

I do want to say that Ian was the star of the show for me, in this one.

As I mentioned to my Facebook friends:

Maryse: So…. I read the latest Cat and Bones “short” – pretty good! On par with the latest full novel in the series. Maybe even.. a bit more interesting? And yes, there are a few interesting Bones-ish surprises ;) And Ian is BIG in this one. LOVE him!!

Dara: Ohhh i enjoyed it VERY much!!! I love Ian’s character!! he’s so deliciously naughty!!

Maryse: Isn’t he though… my favorite part was when he wanted to show Cat what was in his pants. I laughed out loud for real on that one!!! HIS is the book I’m anxiously awaiting… wondering if he will take Mencheres’s place for me…

Dara: ohh i died laughing when she said she actually leaned in to get a better look!!! I can’t wait to see what his mate is like!! she’s gonna have to be one smooth mama to keep him in line!!

So… what I can say is that this story takes place shortly after the last book (it’s now Thanksgiving) and the crew receives an unexpected visitor, that they welcome into their home for the Holidays. It’s wonderful!! Or is it? Everything pretty much starts going awry, while a few of the, let’s just say, “more rational” characters try to solve and fix the problem (oh and one of the “fix-its” involves a very steamy scene between Ian and Cat). WHAT!!!?? Oh yes. You’ll see ;) Okay, so maybe there is some of that delicious sexual tension I’ve been missing. And just for that whole chapter alone, I’m tempted to give it 4 stars! LOL!!

Breath tickled my neck as he laughed. “I know. I’m truly gifted.”

Just when you think the twist is established, there’s another one, and then one I definitely didn’t see coming at the very end (my favorite one). I have to add that I am so glad Jeaniene spelled that one out carefully, because as it was first coming together, I had no clue what the significance was. I was all… “Uh huh? So? What’s the big deal?”

I’m going to blame it on late-night reading fatigue. I was completely missing the point. But then, once it was laid out in “laymen’s” terms it made perfect sense. It’s all a bit convenient, but hey, it’s paranormal fantasy, so it’s all good. I mean, why shouldn’t fate and convenience do it’s thing too, right?

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Dara October 28, 2011 at 4:30 PM

How cool is this?! Best review EVER!! ;)

Maryse October 28, 2011 at 4:46 PM

haha Dara! Well, it was a fun little chat, so I had to include it ;)

patricia nesbitt October 29, 2011 at 10:41 PM

How bout this I spent a whole good “reading day” with this book in my hand debating shhould I. Shouldn’t I. I am scared at this point. NO really heart rate excellerated and every thing. I need confirmation it ends on a good note….no spoilers just confirmation or even a hint……….crap

patricia nesbitt October 30, 2011 at 11:26 AM

I decided to put on my big girl panties and just read it……hahaha… felt like home again…..I even got a frog in my throat ( even though nobody did it in a truck shessh) when CAt and IAn had did that to bones and the afterwards part with the blanket…….awww

Maryse October 30, 2011 at 1:32 PM

LOL Patricia! With that last comment, you’re going to make the readers who haven’t read it yet panic worse!!

Good job!! It was good though, right? We needed that little *jolt* from Cat and Bones :)

patricia nesbitt October 30, 2011 at 1:51 PM

My stomach hurts………….we got a little bit of the whole gang……oh I was scared couple of times I had virtigo from all the twists and turns and ups and downs. NOw I just need some alone time with IAn…..god that is so gonna be the book worth the “terrible” wait

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