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Fangs But No Fangs
First off…how clever are these book titles?? I just figured out that the neat little play on words actually hints at what the story will be about. Fangs for the Memories (book one) was about a vampire who gets amnesia…get it?

This book clued me in because Christian (the evil vampire brother from book#1), gets his conscience back in this story by attempting to become more human.

Due to devastating circumstances in book 1, Christian is determined to get a sense of his humanity back. He decides to move away from his luxuries, live closely amongst the human population (a trailer park seemed appropriate), and connect with others. Determined not to bite, he restricts his feedings to bagged blood, and even feeding is restricted to small portion sizes. He drinks just enough to allow him to “live” while diminishing his powers, essentially forcing him to become more human – even his fangs fail him, no longer reacting to stimuli. Fangs But No Fangs…get it? He’s a vampire, but not really…sorta.

As he lives his new life in a run-down trailer home, he become friends with his pretty neighbor, Jolee.

“I haven’t had many friends,” he admitted. None, to be exact. “I suppose I don’t know how to react at times. But I think you could help me.”

Hadn’t he just told himself that he needed to stay near this woman to protect her? Now he was the one asking for help. From a mortal. He waited for the rush of disdain for himself. For being weak and pitiful. But the flood never came. he only felt hopeful, and maybe a little uncertain.

Owner of a local karaoke bar, she too, is escaping her past, and her family’s questionable moral character.

Crushing on each other, Christian resists his feelings for her.  Considering his destructive past, he doesn’t feel he deserves to be happy. He runs hot and cold throughout the entire novel, rudely rebuffing Jolee just as she considers getting to know him…

Here she’d been thinking her neighbor seemed attracted to her, and he essentially told her how unattractive he found her. Man, was she that clueless?

…yet always coming to her rescue (whether it be saving her from her knife wielding brother to helping her bartend, for free, at her bar).

Cooler heads do not prevail in this book. The passion is hot (and Kathy Love is a genius at teasing but not quite giving it up until later, especially in this installment), and their potential is promising.

Quick excerpt from a quick shopping trip for condoms (not necessary considering he’s a vampire, but if you’re gonna play the part of a human, you gotta go all the way, before going all the way ;) )

“Do you have a favorite?” he finally asked.

“No,” she said , then smiled slightly. “But even if I did, it wouldn’t matter, because you’ve only got one choice, big boy.”

She pulled a box labeled ‘Maximum” off the hook and handed it to him.

A-hem *blush*…no further explanation necessary 8O

But as these things go, the whole “Hey, by the way, I’m a vampire…no, I’m not crazy, I’m really a vampire” section puts their whole relationship in a tailspin (I always love that part!). Especially considering the fact that his “fangs” no longer show up at will. Now how’s he gonna prove anything without those?

So this is yet another satisfying read from Kathy Love, with passion, but mostly, an amazing sense of self discovery and connecting.

She infuses Christian with quirky yet endearing qualities (such as his strange fascination with – completely useless to him – infomercial gadgets), and opens up their world with charming secondary characters.

By the way, my favorite brother, Sebastian, we don’t get much of until the end, but when he did show up, his reactions were hilarious.

“See.” Sebastian shook his head. “Loon. Total loon.”

I think his book is next. Ok, so let me try and figure out what it’s gonna be about by the title alone:

“I Only Have Fangs For You”

…well that’s obvious enough, he’s gonna find his one and only mate….wait, maybe there’s more to it? Okay off I go to immerse myself in his wonderful-ness.

4 stars

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Toni February 1, 2010 at 2:55 AM

The As Seen on TV stuff? My son quotes those to me whenever he spots a moment in our daily lives where it might be useful. One day I will have to tell you the Mighty Putty story and the InStyler one too. He cried when he found out Billy Mayes died – he was his hero. Ok I am going backwards, read the review from book 3 first, so why not go on back and check out your review of book one? I think I am.

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