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Strangers: Ellora’s Cave
Despite my “wonky work week” (which will actually be stretching into two wonky work weeks by the looks of it), I have still been reading. Never fear!! Wonky works weeks don’t mean I’ll be missing in action or anything (just a bit more erratic then usual ;) ) . In all actuality, my “overtime” weeks find me reading the most as I desperately need a book to help me unwind.

Now of course, I’m not racing through the books like I normally do, but I’m happily reading one right now that I just started and will probably finish tonight (if it’s good enough, that is, to keep me up late).

I can’t say as of yet, if it’s gonna put us in a frenzy, since I’m only 36% in, but I’m enjoying it thoroughly, and figured y’all might wanna read along. So far, so good. THAT, I can assure you.

Recommended by Melissa

“I have one last recommendation. Strangers by Barbara Elsborg. I just finished five minutes ago and what an amazing story. Sexy, angsty, so incredibly emotional and plenty of reveals that make your heart pound and try to race through the book. It’s fantastic.”

A few of you have been asking (*cough cough* Chris *cough*) where my bad boys are…

“I miss your bad boy rock star books!!!  I read all your old recommendations. Got any new one for me?  the steamier…the better :)

Soooooo here’s one (thanks to Melissa)! An ex HUGE rock star, turned famous actor and super-duper trouble maker. I mean, trouble with a capital T. Womanizer, party-er, obnoxiously arrogant, but he went a little too far this time…

And in his quest to end it all, he swims into “Kate” (a regular girl with a secret – what? I don’t know yet). But she’s out to sea too, cause she was pretty much just ruined by a womanizer of her own. One who completely destroyed her own trust in herself and her cautious  judge of character. She’s been played. BAD! Somehow they both find each other in the sea, swimming to nowhere, and just… cling to each other. Decide to swim back together. Become friends. With benefits. And then so much more. Almost a little co-dependent. Specifically him. And he’s freakin’ out!

It’s HOT. SUPER steamy. I mean, they did nothing but… *you  know*. For a whole week!!!

But life beacons and since they’ve decided not to end it all, then the next step is to face the world again. He’s been called onto the set of his new film. So what’s gonna happen now? I have no idea, but with a gorgeous and usually unavailable guy like him, it’s bound to not be pretty. I’m dying to know more, so I’m off to read…

More to come ;) *hugs*

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