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Gorgeous NEW COVERS Revealed! The Moreno Brothers In All Of Their Revamped Glory!

March 23, 2012

A little note from the author, Elizabeth Reyes: “The original covers to my series were designed by yours truly and while I put a lot of time and effort into them, I knew they weren’t as professional as they could be since I’m no cover artist. After hiring a cover artist for my new series [...]

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Gorgeous Cover Alert – I Just Had to Share… *swoon*

March 21, 2012

Oh wow!! I was just looking up (and hoping to start) a fairly popular Rock Star book from a few years ago. I had been stalking this book for awhile, but it was in print only, at that time. I just realized it’s available as an e-book now, and I’m almost ready for it! And… while [...]

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Today’s Man Candy Cover Post – The Goblin King – Book Covers That Make Me *Squee*

November 9, 2011

Who knew goblins were soooo…. *raises eyebrows*. Tee hee!!! Certainly not I! Unless… he’s not the goblin in this one? Okay so I know this is just an excuse to post another amazing Paul Marron cover, but I must say… this is is certainly a nice one. Nice… yes. I’m sticking with that The Goblin [...]

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Today’s Man Candy Cover Post – Much Ado About Vampires – Book Covers That Make Me *blush*

October 24, 2011

Wow. He’s purty! Makes me miss my vampires. Makes me wanna read him. That’s right. I said read. Tee hee! And it’s purple. I like purple. He matches my blog so well. My husband just pointed out that my blog is pink. Purple… pink… What.ever! He looks good on it. OMG look! The cover says: [...]

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