Paul Marron

More Photos From Kresley Cole’s Lothaire Signing (with Paul Marron) PLUS Another Signed Book Giveaway!

January 18, 2012

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!!! –> Congratulations Ally Dobson! You win my second giveaway of Kresley Cole’s signed Lothaire book (signed by Lothaire and Kresley)!! ——- I have over 400 pictures from the event (some gorgeous ones of Kresley in all of her beautiful enthusiasm), and will be uploading many of them over the next few days, to my Facebook [...]

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Lothaire Book Signing with Kresley Cole and Paul Marron *squee* PLUS! A Signed Copy Book Giveaway

January 15, 2012

*shakes head in happy disbelief* OMG!!! That was fun!!!! Yesterday was the Best. Day. EVER! Overwhelming in so many ways, but so amazing. I’m just thrilled that I had the opportunity and good fortune to attend. I mean, just… WOW, right??!! I… just… speechless. My words. They have left me once again but I’m hoping to [...]

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Today’s Man Candy Cover Post – The Goblin King – Book Covers That Make Me *Squee*

November 9, 2011

Who knew goblins were soooo…. *raises eyebrows*. Tee hee!!! Certainly not I! Unless… he’s not the goblin in this one? Okay so I know this is just an excuse to post another amazing Paul Marron cover, but I must say… this is is certainly a nice one. Nice… yes. I’m sticking with that The Goblin [...]

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Lily’s Book Review – Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant

May 6, 2011

Hey guys. Get in here quick *darts look around*, there is something out there. I may or may not have forgotten to rinse out my blood bottles. There are herds of mosquitoes and I keep hearing noises! I’m not scared or anything, you know, cause I’m a vamp and everything, but I don’t like thinking about what it [...]

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Paul Marron – A Cover Model

April 30, 2011

After chatting with my Facebook girls about some of my favorites, it was pointed out that the majority of my selections featured model “Paul Marron”.  What? No way!! I didn’t believe it. Each guy looked significantly different (despite being undeniably gorgeous). But upon further inspection, I started recognizing him in each. Those book people tricked me!!!Today, I have [...]

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