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Since I had an early day “Breaking News” book release update, I thought I’d go ahead and post an “Author News” update, too. :) Lots of great questions answered, here, plus another sneak peak at tomorrow’s releases that are up for pre-order. I’ve already started tomorrow’s official “Latest Book Releases” post and OMG there are already a ton of great new looking ones on it that are totally “new-to-me”.

P.S. What book have I settled on out of today’s surprise book releases? This one —> The Resistance by S.L. Scott. Especially after Flavia said: “Oh!… The Resistance is AMAZING! And you can find everything there: angst, love, sexyness, hot rock star, strong female character, a “OMFG! Did that just happend?” twist and did I say hot rock star?” <— Rock star AND a OMFG TWIST??!!! Yes for me! MINE. And I’m in the first quarter of it and having fun!! :D

But for now… the news! 

  • Author Jamie McGuire and her publisher, Atria Books, has released the “Beautiful Oblivion: A Novel (Maddox Brothers)” book cover in a fun (and super Travis-sexy) Buzzfeed post!! SA-WOOOOOON!!! OMG that version of Travis is alright by me!! :P *giggle* Oh, and there is the book cover, to the left. I CANNOT WAIT to read it!!
  • Author Penelope Ward posted an excerpt from her upcoming (and highly anticipated) “My Skylar” (book #3). I reviewed and really enjoyed book #1 (Gemini) and I hear book #2 (Jake Undone) is even better!
  • New Biker Anthology coming right up! What a gorgeous cover, too! Born To Ride: A Clubhouse Collection will be releasing May 5th. Author’s Carmen Jenner let’s us in on the goods! “A handful of very talented Australian authors have come together to create this anthology. It features biker stories by some of the best authors in the genre, all jam packed into one anthology and available from May 5th for 99 cents, for a very limited time only. Contributing authors are Bella Jewel, Nina Levine, Kasey Millstead, Lila Rose, Jani Kay and myself.”
  • CD Reiss has signed with a NY agent! Congratulations!!
  • H.M. Ward announces “The Proposition 4: The Ferro Family (The Proposition: The Ferro Family)” has been released! (Here’s a teaser). She says:

“So many secrets in this one. OMG. You’re gonna freak, esp if you’re also reading The Arrangement Series

  • H.M Ward also announces this awesome TV SERIES news!!
****BIG NEWS**** There are OPEN AUDITIONS for THE ARRANGEMENT TV Series going on. Say what? Yeah, no joke. The bestselling series is being made into a TV series. I. Can. Not. Wait.There’s an emmy award winning producer and a script already in progress. Eeeeeep!
  • Author Shay Savage just announced that she’s finished writing the next “Bastian” book (“Bastian’s Storm”). *eeeeeee!!!* One of my favorite alpha jerks of all of ‘em! She said: “Just typed “The End”. Let the pigeons loose!” <— LOL!! And then she goes on to clarify: “Well, the writing is done, but it still needs to go through editing. I know I’m going to go through it all a couple of times and make adjustments/changes. Hope to announce release date next week.” This will be book #2 after one of my all-time favorites: “Surviving Raine” (<— my review)
  • Christina Lauren announces more “The Beautiful Series” books!! “So… you want more BEAUTIFUL books? Your wish is our command! We’re writing two more: one for Max & Sara and another on Max’s brother.” As reported on the Hollywood Reporter ”Beautiful Secret will be published in April 2015, preceded by a digital-only novella Beautiful Beloved, as the couple welcome an addition to their family.”

And a few reader questions that resulted in author news. :)

Q: Deb asks (in regards to H.M. Ward‘s “The Arrangement Series”: “Can’t wait for #15. I love the series!! Can you let me know when it will be out??”

A: No real answer on that one yet (her assistant posted an answer on her Facebook page as the author is recovering from a hospital stay) saying: “AR15 will be Mayish also depending on her recovery.”. However the author did just announce that “The Proposition” Volume 4 will be out April 28th! She says: “So many secrets in this one. OMG. You’re gonna freak, esp if you’re also reading The Arrangement Series

Q: Marina asks: Do you have any idea when King by T.M. Frazier will be released? I had initially heard April 22 but it’s not out???

A: Hi Marina! The author has delayed publication as she has decided to self publish it (and is in the process of hiring an editor, etc..). Here is her recent Facebook post announcing this decision.



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marina April 28, 2014 at 8:14 PM

I’m hoping and anxiously pleading internally that Alpha shows up on my Kindle at midnight!! I’m not sure I’ve anticipated a book as much as this one! If it does, I’ll be up all night I’m sure! Can’t wait!

Maria April 29, 2014 at 12:12 AM

more news: June 30, biker-lovers. Mark this date. Madeline Sheehan finally announced: june 30 is the release date of Unbeloved.

Maria April 29, 2014 at 12:18 AM

Ops, one more:

Once Bitten, Twice Burned by Cynthia Eden (Phoenix Fire #2) was released today!!

Cindy April 29, 2014 at 8:01 AM

Just started The Resisitance! Can’t wait for Beautiful Oblivion! :)

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