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Lots of great exciting news today! Even the sort of “bad” news, is for GOOD reasons. ;) And!! I’m a part of THREE of today’s BIG news announcements (’cause of two exclusive reveals, and of course, my latest 5-star review of a controversial book!!)

Let’s start, shall we?

OH. EM. GEE. AUCTION FOR TWILIGHT PROPS!!! Here’s the video that announces it, and HERE are the actual auction details!!

“Prop Store and Summit Entertainment present a two-day live-auction event of original props, costumes, and set decoration pieces used in the worldwide phenomenon The Twilight Saga. More than 900 lots from the making of the five films will be sold, many with no reserve.

The auction will be held November 19-20, 2016, at the TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, CA. Fans and collectors will place bids in person, via telephone, or online and can follow the auction through the live-streaming webcast.”

Courtney Cole has announced a delay on her upcoming novella. Why? Because she can’t stop writing it! ;) It’s going to be a full length book! She says:

“You guys, I’ve decided that my new Pax Tate book, MY PEACE, can’t be condensed into a hotshot novella. It will be a full-length novel. Therefore, I have to push the release date back until December 30th. His story deserves more time, more attention. Because it’s Pax. And because happy endings sometimes have to be worked for.”

Kendall Ryan‘s latest BIG release (The Fix Up) has just hit the USA TODAY Best Seller’s list for the second week in a row! Congratulations Kendall!

“We did it!!!! Thank you so much! THE FIX UP is enjoying a 2nd week on the USA Today bestsellers list!!!!”

My latest book review! FIVE STARS!!!! Hausfrau: A Novel is one of the BEST, most controversial books I’ve ever read (easily 5 stars for me!!!), and for all of the best and worst reasons. It’s no wonder its been touted as best read of the year by so many of the BIGGEST magazines and review columns, and yet… vilified by others. This is NOT an easy read, and by the end, I was a mental and emotional mess. I LOVED IT!

M. Robinson ALSO DELAYS her upcoming release (Road to Nowhere: The Good Ol’ Boys Spin-Off) due to personal issues (you can read her complete post, here). She says:

“Road to Nowhere will be releasing DECEMBER 6TH, 2016 instead of November 8th. If you pre-ordered the book, your pre-order stands, and you do NOT need to re-do it.”

Missy Johnson has revealed the cover and AN excerpt for her upcoming release Don’t Hold Back (Love Hurts Book 4) <— TRUST ME. This one is a full TEARJERKER ALERT! I haven’t read it yet, but that blurb? OUCH!!!! Exactly what us angst-lovers LOVE reading. P.S. The exclusive cover reveal and excerpt is hosted right here!! :D

BACK UP FOR PREORDER IS HALO by R.C. Stephens!!! A few days ago this book went live, the blurb GOT ME, and I announced it on Facebook, all excited! I mean!!! Check out THIS blurb!! Her husband enlisted and left her pregnant…

“At twenty five he left me pregnant and didn’t turn back. I knew he was suffering…. I also knew I couldn’t save him. He left me broken. I was scared and alone.

Until I met Ryder St. John a wounded soldier… He was lost. I was lost. Together we made sense. I fell in love again…

What Ryder forgot to mention was that he held a secret so explosive that it could shatter both our worlds.”

WOW right?!! But within a few hours, the book disappeared… the link didn’t work anymore. Oops!

Angie: Ughs… went to one click and it’s unavailable. Sounds amazing though.

Maryse: GAH!!!!! It was up this morning. I wonder what happened??? *sigh*… Okay… I just went to her page, and she posted a new pre-order link earlier today, for November 1st, except even that doesn’t work anymore either. It was definitely available for purchase this morning so something must have went wrong…

Heather: Anyway to find out what happened here? I got the sample yesterday and of course it was great, now I’m sucked in and need to know when I can get back to it?!?!

Looks like there was some sort of error with either the preorder releasing too early, or… something. *shrug* I think some of you were lucky enough to get in on this book early, however. It’s already getting reviews! So, without further ado, it’s up for preorder and releasing in just a few days! For real, this time! :D LOL!!!

Jennifer L. Armentrout has released the first three chapters for her upcoming contemporary romance release, Fire in You (Wait for You Series Book 6)

John Green just posted a new video about why he VLOGS (and he talks about a documentary that he’s in)!

Leigh Bardugo is releasing the next two books from her Six of Crows series with Random House! The entire article can be read here at

In a statement, Bardugo, who is a Yale graduate, said, “This story has been haunting me since I first set foot in New Haven almost 20 years ago. I love writing for young adults and I intend to keep doing it, but there are different places I want to go with this novel. It isn’t a coming-of-age story. Alex has lived a lot of lives before we meet her.”

Stephen King wrote a CHILDREN’S BOOK (under a pen name, of course ;) )!! And it’s from the “Dark Tower” universe. It’s called Charlie the Choo-Choo: From the world of The Dark Tower (and it’s up for preorder) and you can read about it here.

“…the story sounds cute. Like Thomas the Tank Engine mixed with Toy Story, almost. However, the book’s interior art and cover stray from that charming feel…”

Speaking of Stephen King… you can take a Horror Fiction writing course AT the Stanley Hotel!!!! *gasp* That’s the hotel that inspired his book “The Shining“ Here is the entire article. I just wanna stay there. *waggles eyebrows* Okay NO… he’s not giving the course himself, but it sounds like so much fun!!

“The University of Colorado is now offering an advanced horror fiction writing course at the Stanley in January.

The hybrid course begins on January third and ends on the 27th.”

Jasinda Wilder just put up THIS book for preorder! Badd Motherf*cker: Badd Brothers <— eek What. A. TITLE!!! And what a blurb!!

“…A girl walks into a bar, soaking wet and wearing a wedding dress.

I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. She was hammered, for one thing, and heartbroken for another. I’ve chased enough tail to know better. That kinda thing only leads to clinginess, and a clingy female is the last thing on this earth I need.

I got a bar needs running, and only me to run it…”

Fisher Amelie promises that there WILL be more books in her Seven Deadly Sins series. She says (<— read the entire announcement at this link):

“I just want to clear the air a little. :D There WILL BE a fourth installment of the series in 2017!

These books are difficult to write for me because the subject matter is always so incredibly heavy. This means, after I finish a book in the series, I am so weighed down by them and I need to kind of lighten the load so I always buffer them with one or two lighter, sweeter novels…”

Katy Evans has MOVED THE DATE CLOSER for her upcoming release Mr. President! This one’s still up for preorder, but instead of coming out next month, it will go LIVE on Halloween!!! *squeeee*!!

Focused on his goal, Matt is steadfast, ruthless, and disarming. All eyes are on him and his popularity is surging. But soon, the next possible president of the United States is possessing me in more ways than one—and despite the risks, I’m helpless to resist.

We’re stealing touches, stealing moments, and stealing away at night. But our chemical connection is quickly becoming dangerously combustive, putting not only my heart, but Matt’s chance at the presidency on the line.

JUST WENT LIVE (or on sale!):

  • One Step Closer: A stepbrother, stand-alone novel by Kahlen Aymes <— LIVE!!! SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE/STEPBROTHER ALERT & HE VOWED TO PROTECT HER but…”Jealousy and long-suppressed desire overpowered Caleb’s fierce protectiveness and they spent one forbidden and unforgettable night in each other arms, but the aftermath left Caleb panicked, Wren heartbroken, and their relationship in shambles…
  • The Red Shoes (Twisted Fairy Tales Book 1) by Jaden Wilkes <— JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!Katya was an unremarkable girl with dull hair and bad teeth and a personality that made her easy to forget. She survived a World War in one of the poorest nations in Eastern Europe, and she didn’t think her life could get any worse than it already was. But she didn’t know what would happen when wishes come true. And her wish was to be desirable to men. But that’s the nature of the universe; it always takes things so literally…
  • Her Unexpected Life (Treasures of Briarton Book 1) by Brickley Jules <— HER HUSBAND HAS LEFT HER & she has to remain silent about it… “She has to remain silent about their split for months, and it really puts a damper on her starting a new life. She befriends Luke, a fellow parent from soccer, and he helps her keep her sanity along the way to her new life…”
  • Shattered by Diana Nixon <— HE WANTS REVENGE AFTER SHE SHATTERED HIM... “She made me believe that love can change anything. And it did change me… It broke me, it shattered me. The betrayal that I never saw coming, was like a dagger straight through my heart. In the blink of an eye, my love was replaced by endless hate and pain that I thought I would never be able to forget.” Nancy found it, saying: “I just found a bargain… Shattered by Diana Nixon & I bought after reading the blurb.”
  • Destroyed by Pepper Winters <— DARK READ SERIES and this one is bargain priced today!!!

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Amy October 27, 2016 at 2:21 PM

In honor of HALO (because it is a type of jump they do in the military) I have to share this pic…–A9BN27Qa–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/17z3ctb3ugsnrjpg.jpg

Yep, an airborne doggie. ;)

And how gorgeous is the cover of that book??

Maryse October 27, 2016 at 2:45 PM


THE DOGS TOO??? How does it even understand what is happening? *gasp*

WOW!!!!! Dogs are amazing animals.

Amy October 27, 2016 at 6:19 PM

Right?? Apparently they are so well trained (and well loved so they trust their handlers ;) ) that they just leap right out. Those military and and K-9 police dogs are incredible!

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