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Here is the latest batch of “Vampire” news that I have compiled into a nice, neat list for you!

  • A great and very recent interview with Charlaine Harris found on The Wall Street Journal’s website. She mentions how she was approached to do the show, why she chose Alan Ball’s offer, how she feels about the sex scenes represented in the show, how her life has changed with the huge success, and how she is still entertained by “Sookie” (good news, as it looks like she will be continuing the series)!
  • A Korean Vampire Movie called “Thirst” (Asian horror + vampires = my favorite genre! Oh I have a feeling I will love this!) by director Park Chan-wook, has seen great success already in it’s opening weekend, and will be presented at the Cannes festival this year. Here is a quick article about the movie (found on
  • Twilight has been nominated for seven MTV Movie awards.
  • Courier Press rumors that Johnny Depp intends to portray a Vampire in a new movie called “Dark Shadows”. Hope this is true!
  • An funny article found on discussing a study done by physicists to prove that vampires could not exist! Whaaa?? Who needs to do such a study? Okaaayyyy, still a fun read!
  • mentionsthe soon to be released movie (this summer) called “Blood: The Last Vampire” (adapted from the Japanese Anime). Includes the trailer!
  • Fangoria discusses a new trilogy soon to be released called “The Strain” from filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Apparently, these will be vampires of the horror genre (no romantics need apply!)

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