Today’s Free Paranormal ebooks for Kindle – 11-9-10

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I just read a book (In The Warrior’s Bed) that literally swept me away (I couldn’t put it down)!

Quick synopsis: The hero and heroine are on opposite clans (he’s a scottish warrior, and her father and brothers keep battling his clan for his land). They meet, sparks fly…he kidnaps her! LOL!! Oh myyyy….It was extremely romantic, exciting, and HOT HOT HOT!!  I didn’t even know people did those things back then ;) I loved the detail and the time it took for the sexual intensity to bloom into something much more. There were serious issues of trust on both character’s behalfs (will she run away? is he just using her for retaliation?), and well, I just loved it. I won’t actually review-review it here, because it was a historical romance (*gasp* – I’m just finding out that I really like those too), with not an ounce of paranormal involved. However I could not just leave it without mentionning it. I hear this isn’t even the best one in this author’s series, so now I’m dying to read more!

But, the reason I am mentionning this, is because I received it as a free e-read from Amazon, and boy was it worth it! In fact, there are quite a few free reads that have introduced me to some awesome writers, so without further ado, here is today’s current free PARANORMAL e-reads for Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay, you can read these on your computer or phone with Kindle Apps (scroll below for details)

Enjoy :)

(grab them while they’re free, since often, they don’t all stay free. The one I just mentionned is back at it’s regular price.)

Today’s Current Free PARANORMAL e-reads for Kindle


Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay, you can read these on your computer or phone with Kindle Apps:

Download Kindle for PC
Download Kindle for MAC
Download Kindle for iPhone

Download Kindle for Blackberry
Download Kindle for iPad (that’s how I’m reading these!)
Download Kindle for Android

That’s all I could find for today…if I’m missing any, let me know and I’ll add them :)

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