Reader Question… Answered! The book about the best friend that doesn’t know his one night stand had his baby…

by Maryse on June 13, 2015 · 1 comment

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Oh I LOVE when our crew comes together and finds the book! Here is a round one success story, ’cause our Facebook group found it, soon enough!

Shannon needs our help finding the sequel to this book! In fact, she needs to know the title of this book, too. LOL! Careful… she tells us some stuff (spoiler-ish?) in book #1 that leads us into book #2. She asks:

“I need help please!!!! I read a book sometime ago and have been waiting for book 2 but I can’t remember the name or author of book 1. To be honest I’m not completely sure I am remembering book one right. #2 is about the guys best friend.

Towards the end of # 1 the best friend finds out he has a little girl that he never knew about. He met the mom on spring break I believe and gave her a fake name. She could never find him. The baby mama is a nurse I think because in bk 1 she patched up the H when he hurts his hand.

God, I hope I’m remembering right. It’s been driving me nuts!!!! At the end of #1 I believe there was a teaser for #2. Thank you so much :)

Maryse’s Book Blog: Nobody? You guys… it sounds exactly up our alley!!! All angsty and he gave her a fake name!!

Michelle: Sounds like something I want on my tbr!!

Maryse’s Book Blog: I know, right Michelle??!

Colleen: Book 1 sounds similar to Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec. Except it was a one night stand in college and they never got each others name. Book 2.. Futures and Frosting is about their best friends.

Barb: But the child in seduction snacks I believe was a boy

This was the book she was looking for!!! :D

Christine: I think it’s A Redo by C.M Owens.

Michelle: Maryse I looked up A Redo by C.M Owens and that sounds like it but it’s book #6 in the series so *shrugs* I’m an addict and one clicked. There is no mention of a best friend

Shannon: Haha I was so wrong. It is A Redo by C.M Owens. Omg I love you guys thank you soo much. Yay so excited now. Lol I totally remember the series now. So good :D

Maryse’s Book Blog: LOL! YAY Shannon!!! :) And thanks guys!! You all ROCK BIG TIME!

P.S. I’ve since posted the series reading order:


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Connie Morris June 13, 2015 at 9:12 PM

The book bundle is on sale for .99 cents.

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