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by Maryse on June 24, 2017 · 0 comments

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BULLY BOOK ALERT!!! I only heard of this one this week, ’cause book #2 was just released, and a few of my fellow readers were REALLY surprised and excited about that fact.

How did I miss this one?!! Ah well, I know about it now, and it sounds gooooooooood!!!

P.S. It must be read in order. ;)

Lauren: I just finished Casen by Amy Marie (on today’s list) & really loved it. It’s a HS bully/victim story set 10yrs after graduation…..& she is SO not over what those guys did to her in HS. Beware… It IS a sequel so you’ll have to read book 1 first

Jen C: Aah, so exited to see Casen is finally out! I read Seven last year and LOVED it. I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for Casen for what feels like forever lol.

Lauren: Read them back to back last week! OMG, soooo amazing!!!

About book #1:


We’re all born with it. Navigating through life as though power, privilege, and money don’t rule the world. I’m guilty of it. I walked around, ignorantly thinking that the PITCREW, the most popular guys in high school, was where you wanted to be or who you wanted to date. They could have any girl they wanted, but they needed a challenge. They needed something to do to make their miserable existence exciting.

That’s where I came in.

How was I to know that the one night I willingly gave away my innocence would set off a chain of events, turning my world upside down?

Now, ten years later, it’s my turn to use sex, money, and lies to take from them all that they took from me . . . and more.

But the road to retribution has its twists and turns and I don’t want to make the innocent mistake of crashing.


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