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Riley Hart – Crossroads Series Reading Order

May 21, 2016

We have big love for this M/M author (she has a few other series that so many here are absolutely addicted to, and I went crazy for a few books by her, myself!) and now for this series, book #3 will be released in just a few days! Nicole:  finished Crossroads by Riley hart and it [...]

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Riley Hart – Blackcreek Series Reading Order

November 23, 2015

WE LOVE THIS M/M author BIG time, and a new book is releasing in this series tomorrow!! I LOVED book #1!! And it’s not just this series that rocked our worlds. Many of the books in her repertoire have us hooked! Ana: Broken Pieces by Riley Hart is so good that I wish I hadn’t already [...]

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Sean Kennedy – Tigers & Devils Series Reading Order

August 27, 2015

Many in our M/M romance lovers crew already know about (and LOVED!!) this series, but for those of you new to the genre (but wanting more), this one is much loved! Jackie: Did you read Tigers and Devils by sean Kennedy? – totally different story from BOATK but has the same feel – lots of humour [...]

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Ella Frank – Temptation Series Reading Order

May 5, 2015

M/M romance series that has put SO many in our reading crew in a frenzy. Book one took ‘em by storm (even a bunch of our fellow romance lovers that had never read M/M before). And now… book #5 was just released!! Just look at how in love they are: Kim: Loved it, loved the series! [...]

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TJ Klune – Bear, Otter and the Kid Chronicles Series Reading Order

June 16, 2014

<— M/M fans, if you haven’t read this series yet, you MUST!!! I don’t have much experience in the genre yet, but I just KNOW this is one of the absolute best! There’s no denying it’s awesomeness. Check out my book review of book #1: Bear, Otter, and the Kid (4.5 stars) and you’ll see what I mean. [...]

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Most Highly Recommended M/M Romance Reads

November 18, 2013

Since we’re on a bit of an m/m roll right now, I thought I’d put this up ’cause I’ve been getting requests for more! Anne: Hey Maryse – loving the m/m reads that you have recommended recently. Do you think you could put together a ‘Top Ten” list fir those of us looking for more? [...]

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Book Review – Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane

November 17, 2013

Keeping Promise Rock Remember yesterday when I told y’all I was in the mood for another m/m romance read? Well, I chose this one, ’cause my friend Jackie had recommended it to me over and over again like crazy. During a chat we were having she even listing her top 5 book guys of all [...]

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S.J. Frost – Conquest Series Reading Order

September 19, 2012

Highly HIGHLY recommended by my friend Jackie (when we were ranking our favorite heroes), and also recommended by SO many others (Amber and Lis to name a few more friends). Adamant discussions erupt in excitement when these guys are brought into the mix (note: this is GAY – m/m – rock star romance). While Jackie was [...]

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