dark romance

Reader Question – The dark romance read where the lady was kidnapped at her ballet show…

March 14, 2019

Kenesha needs our book help and this one is DARK. In fact, you know what? One part of her question gives me that “Comfort Food” feel that I LOVED so and hurt through sooooooo much – remember that part?? – that had me wondering… “how can it be???? And yet why do I FEEEEEEL this [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the handsome guy that tortures women in his soundproof basement…

March 7, 2019

Amanda needs our book help! GASP!!!!!!!! The first part of her question (a Beauty and the Beast aspect) had me immediately thinking of a few contemporary romances (like maybe from Katy Regnery)? But then she mentioned the super-dark aspect and…. eeeeeeeep!! I have not read this one, but I’m dying to know. She asks: This is [...]

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Penelope Douglas – Devil’s Night Series Reading Order

February 10, 2019

<— DARK READ/BULLY BOOK (SERIES!!) ALERT!!! Oooooooh boy do our fellow book-crew LOVE this one! And now… book #3 (Kill Switch) JUST. WENT. LIVE!!!! Tessa: Corrupt was so goooooood.   …in Corrupt, I like Damon the most! Grey: I’ve read Corrupt. It was SOOOO good! …definitely read Corrupt!!! 4.5 star read for me. Dark, twisted, pretzel tummy, yummy [...]

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Belle Aurora – Raw Family Series Reading Order

January 2, 2019

<— SUPER-STALKER DARK READ ALERT!!! Oh we went CRAZY for this one a few years ago, and the full-on sequel JUST. WENT. LIVE!!!!!!  Lauren: Raw by Belle Aurora….OMG, how could I forget about Twitch? You guys remember this one? The “I fell in love with my stalker” book? It was insane! Ann: For me, it has to [...]

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W. Winters – Merciless Series Reading Order

November 18, 2018

The series is complete and Nancy LOVED it! Nancy: ENDLESS (Merciless Book 4) is the last book in the series, but is the absolute best book in the series. Merciless, Heartless, Breathless, lead up to Endless. That this is the thrilling ending of the series is what makes it the best book of the bunch. What [...]

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Addison Cain – Alpha’s Claim Series Reading Order

August 20, 2018

DARK READ ALERT!!! I JUST found out about this one when our fellow readers recommended it for a specific “DARK READ” request. Oooooh and I LOVE my dark reads! This one, I hear, might even be too dark for some. Eeeeeeeeep!! Kim: So goooood… I just finished this series & couldn’t put it down!!!! Meagan: I’m [...]

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Lylah James – Tainted Hearts Series Reading Order

July 25, 2018

Book #4 JUST WENT LIVE and Tessa tells us it’s SHOCKING!!! GASP!!! I LOVE THAT! Tessa: Okay, I’m going to tell anyone who loves Mafia and emotions, read The Mafia and his Angel. It’s the author’s debut book and I really fell for it. It wasn’t typical at all, despite the blurb. I just fell [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the girl that marries a guy and he seems so nice but he’s a monster after they marry…

May 31, 2018

Katie has a sparse description, but there are a FEW details that might be exactly what sparks your memory. She asks: I need help. I’m looking for a book that you mentioned before about a woman who marries and her husband turns out to be really terrible. I remember it wasn’t that long ago you [...]

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