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Reader Question – The book that has an upside down bridge at night, on the cover…

December 20, 2018

Louise needs our book help and this one sounds heartfelt, and painful, and wonderful, and angsty. I must know it, too!! She asks: Hello Maryse! I didn’t really found the best method to contact you and I hope that I’m not bothering you by sending my request by email… But first, I wanted to tell [...]

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Book Review – Real By Katy Evans

April 10, 2013

Real <— This one was a “stayed-up-all-night-now-I’m-a-book-zombie” read, and I had a blast sighing and *squeeing* with my fellow readers over Remy as so many of us read it together. It just came out yesterday, and when Joanna mentioned how much she was enjoying it, I knew it had to be my next (we have [...]

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Book Review – New Life by Bonnie Dee

January 14, 2013

New Life I was thrilled to find out that Bonnie Dee had just released another contemporary romance and after reading the synopsis, I knew it was for me, because of the unconventional nature of it. Considering how much I loved two of her other books (Finding Home and Bone Deep - both made my best of 2011 & 2012 [...]

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