Reader Question – The book with the MMA fighter that lies about where he’s going, to protect her…

June 30, 2016

MMA Fighter alert!!! We love these, and this one sounds like it could have some angsty-oomph! Ashley asks: Hey Maryse, A while ago I read a book about two characters that had known each other as children and then she moved away and they came back to each other as adults. He was like an [...]

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Aly Martinez – On The Ropes Series Reading Order

December 10, 2015

<— This fighter book is on super-sale right now and AND!!! Book #3 is now up for pre-order! While the characters in her other books DO make cameos in this one, the author says: “I’m here to answer the questions. You do NOT need to read ANY of the Wrecked and Ruined series to read [...]

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Cari Quinn – Tapped Out Series Reading Order

July 7, 2015

MMA FIGHTER SERIES ALERT and the series just had a brand new release! About book #1: She’s in for the fight of her life…with the man who only wants to be her lover. Fighter Mia Anderson has faced the dark side of life and survived. But just getting by is no longer enough. To fund her new [...]

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Elle Kennedy – After Hours Series Reading Order

March 2, 2015

Considering how much I LOVED this author’s latest indie read “The Deal” I just had to know more about her. She’s got a TON of books out (many, traditionally published) like this FIGHTER MMA BAD BOY series! Ratula recommends ‘em! “Read them all. They were sooo great!!” I HAVE to read this. She knows how [...]

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Sidney Halston – Worth the Fight Series Reading Order

October 29, 2014

<—- I read this one!! Good, sweet contemporary romance story with some extra-funny scenes in the beginning that really had me giggling, and… OMG HE is a sexy cop!!! And her brother (also the cops best friend), an MMA fighter that’s extra protective. Fun times! I liked it! I didn’t necessarily go all-out crazy for [...]

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Super fun “Behind the Books” facts about JJ Knight’s “Uncaged” series!

October 26, 2014

Serial series appear to be all the rage right now, with so many coming out about all sorts of our favorite subjects. Bad boys, billionaires, alpha males, rock stars and fighters… all of ‘em emotionally tortured. All of ‘em need to be saved. And want to save “us” in return. And while I haven’t read [...]

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JJ Knight – Fight for Her: MMA New Adult Romantic Suspense Series Reading Order

October 24, 2014

<— FIGHTER SERIES ALERT!! 4 part serial series (and it looks like the installments are coming out every couple of weeks). TONS of great reviews so far… About book #1 What do you do when you’ve just lost everything? You fight. For four years, I’ve been punching and kicking my way through hundreds of unworthy [...]

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Abby Niles – Love to the Extreme Series Reading Order

September 3, 2014

Look MMA fighter romance lovers! Another series is out with a third book that was just released! Bluey stopped by to say she loved it! Bluey: Had to drop by and say thank you for this list. I have now finished a few of them and loved each one.  Especially Extreme Love.  Extreme is RIGHT.  …Your site makes it [...]

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