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by Maryse on July 11, 2016 · 6 comments

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Forget (Changing Colors Book 1)
A great recommendation from my angst-loving book buddies. Plus… rock stars. Er, well… not yet (’cause the swoon-worthy hero is an up and coming one) but OH I KNOW that is coming…

It was touching, fun AND funny, with the witty banter, and the most AMAZING totally believable, laugh-out-loud “meet cute”. But even better than the meet-cute, is the accidental meeting again, that had me HOOKED! Now the butterflies were churning big time, and sure… it may have been insta-lust, but in this case, I TOTALLY believed it. I’ve known this kind of feeling before. I “saw” it. I FELT it. And I loved every single minute of these two and their entourage.

Jean: Forget and Blur!!!!!! OMG, I devoured them this week! LOVED! (Especially the second book)! Totally gave me the “Thoughtless feels”…..not the same type of storyline, but definitely the feels! Thanks Grace and Lisa!

Grey: Maryse, we’re all reading Forget this weekend, YAY! I’ve been out all day today, hoping I can finish Blur tonight…. SOOO good!

Maryse: I AM LOVING Forget. It’s totally from her POV (at least so far and I’m almost halfway through), and it’s “one of ours” for sure. And by “ours” I mean all of us here…

Amy: I’m excited to (finally) start Forget, Maryse! And from the reactions, it seems like it IS one of the many well-loved “our” books around here. :D

Lisa: Yayyyy!!! I cant believe everyone is FINALLY reading forget and blur. And Blur IS waaay more SQUEEE TWISTY TUMMY GOODNESS.

Grey: I’m reading Blur, I am loving it even more than Forget!!!

So what’s it about?

Brooke’s loving and wise grandmother (that essentially raised her and her sister after childhood issues with her drug addicted parents) just died. And one of her dying wishes was that Brooke might go to Paris and experience all of the wonders that she did, when she was young. And maybe even find love. She wrote Brooke a “Paris bucket list” and Brooke is determined to experience each one.


Dylan is the kind of handsome that would have Millie saying he got a VIP pass when God was passing out the good genetics. I’m pretty sure he’s the vision Lana Del Rey saw when she wrote Blue Jeans.

Yeah. I’m a HUGE Lana Del Rey addict, so that sure helped give me the “feel” for him. YUM.

She meets him in a subway, absolutely mesmerized by how hot he is, and she sneakily takes his picture. Except he notices when the flash goes off. Tee hee!!!!! Dylan is half French and half English (sexy “British” accent and all) but currently living in Paris. And a few VERY clever circumstances (I LOVED THAT!!) have them accidentally meeting again.

Oh. My. God.

My back goes ram-rod straight, freezing me in my spot.

Holy sh!t.

It’s him, man candy from the métro. It’s Dylan.

This time, Dylan is determined, and Brooke can’t fight fate. ;)

He grips the back of my neck, leaning his body close to mine.

“You’re amazing,” he whispers into my ear, his lips brushing against my skin.

I wonder if this is what people mean when they say melt.

*sigh* My heart…

Experiencing Paris with these two, experiencing first-time “true love” with these two, is absolutely sublime. If I were her, I would never leave Paris and I’d run away with my new sexy singer boyfriend and live the rest of my life eating croissants, drinking wine, and that artichoke salad that makes her moan so hard, and… well… other moan-y things. *ahem*. I’ll stop there. :P *snort*

Maybe I won’t fall in love with Paris.

Maybe I won’t fall in love with a man while I’m in Paris.

Maybe I’ll just fall in love with moments like these.


But for the most part, it was a “safe” sweet and sexy read. Not too much angst and drama. Sure… there is a buildup to some “secret” thingie that was happening in HER life that even we, the reader, are not privy to yet. You KNOW that’s gonna cause drama and misunderstanding and hurt feelings, and maybe even heartbreak. And of course, the “vacation” timer is counting down. OH BOY IS IT.

And right in the last quarter… that’s when all sorts of angsty *oomphs* happen. Various kinds and every one of ‘em viable. LOVED IT!!!! Especially that last quarter.

Grace: N.A. Alcorn’s – Forget. I thought it was an amusing Rock and Roll story, but I got blindsided! I’m all snuggled in bed right now and I need to make a decision about the second book like RIGHT NOW! OMG! What if Lisa doesn’t check in here! I need to know that I’m not going to end up wanting to go postal because there were scary hints of not good story direction possibilities! This book was NOT supposed to mess with my head!

Lisa: Teehee….just woke up and saw Grace’s rants about Forget/Blur. And doesn’t it sneak up on you!! So good and he is just delicious. I predict you’ll be yelling at me some more before you’re done with the second book.. ..but its worth it.

Oh wow… YES. PLEASE!!!

Yep. The reader reactions were pretty strong in regards to the ending of this one (mega-cliffhanger extraordinaire) but I’ll have to admit, it didn’t freak me out as much. I like it when it gets crazy. And… I blame the safety net of book #2 (the conclusion) already being out and ready for me to read. I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to jump right into the sequel. ;) YAY ME!!!

“This song is just so perfect, you know? It’s painfully beautiful yet painfully short. No matter how many times you hear it, this song will always leave you wanting more. It’s perfect, and then it’s gone.”

My eyes gaze into his, our faces closer now that he’s cupping my cheeks with both hands.

“That’s how you made me feel that day on the métro. A painfully beautiful woman who graced me with her presence for a painfully short amount of time. You were perfect, and then you were gone.”

4 stars!!

P.S. One caveat. The french speaking parts. It needs to be corrected. BIG time. That’s all. Fix it, and I’d say this is a perfect introduction to a new adult love story “duet” that is right up our romance alley!

Oh and… don’t read this next part if you haven’t read THIS book yet. It’s not a spoiler, but it’s  slight “hitch” to my big love for the book (and another reason why I’m sticking with 4 stars for now)

I have a feeling that the *oomph* cliffhanger ending might be something… er… simple? I have my theories. Something that didn’t need to ’cause the impending romance and life drama that I’m about to embark upon. I hope I’m surprised and it’s not just a lack-of-communication issue. Let’s just leave it at that. ;)

P.P.S. Am I moving on to the next one (Blur (Changing Colors Book 2) right away? HECK. YES. First… I love these characters already and I must know what the deal is, and second… well.

Just look at THIS reader freakout:

Grace: I finished Forget, had my freak out and dived into the new book Blur because, seriously, I was fully annoyed with the heroine. Then flying monkeys throwing poop! I don’t have words for how strung out I was! I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT! I wish I’d never got those assurances! I would have gotten some sleep, and probably spent my night dreaming about knocking heads together because everyone was making me crazy – Like. Every. One. Every one! BUT NO! It’s all gonna be ok so “come on baby hit me one more time!”

All night – Here’s me: “Oh thank God, yes! Do that with him then get it together. Love him, make it all better. What? No! No! No, no, no bitch! Are you crazy!!! Oh Thank God, I freaking love him! Yes! Totally…wait! Nooooo! What is wrong with you!!!!! OMG! What time is it? Holy crap, I don’t care – I CAN’T SLEEP RIGHT NOW! Oh finally, yes! Yes, Stop fighting it! Sigh…What??? I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! Don’t let her go, don’t let her go! Really? I freaking love him! Oh crap! He’s done! Don’t be done, don’t be done! She’s sorry! What is happening right now! I need a hug. I need to strangle someone! Some one DO something! What is Jamie like freaking blind! Does he even see her!!! *numbed out vacant stare, broken hearted frustrated nervous shakes, left eye twitching* WELL IT IS ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!! *long string of curses*

Head to pillow – OUT!

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Tessa July 11, 2016 at 8:40 PM

My exact reaction. Forget got four stars from me but Blur made it a five star series that took my heart and punched it multiple times.

Grey July 11, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Forget got 4.5 stars from me, just because I could feel the chemistry between Dylan and Brooke eeking through the screen of my kindle. Plus, Millie… oh, Millie’s letter…and the Paris Bucket List… oh my heart. Or, it could just be that Dylan was crazy hot and I wanted to bang him and his brother Jesse like a drum. Or maybe, it was because of Lindsay.

Lindsay in another life could be my bestie… the convos they had,,, Especially the one about Clitourist, seriously, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Although when I shared the whole ‘sneak taking of Dylan’s pic on the train using a flash’ thing with my bestie, she asked if I was reading a book about her… which would make me Lindsay… errr??? *giggle*

I haven’t been able to finish Blur yet. Dang real life anyway, but I am on it. Thanks for the review as always Maryse, you’re the best!

R. Renee July 11, 2016 at 8:58 PM

“Or, it could just be that Dylan was crazy hot and I wanted to bang him and his brother Jesse like a drum.” OMG Grey. Yes!!!

Cheryl July 11, 2016 at 9:07 PM

Loved this book and Blur so much. Loved Dylan and my stomach was in knots over Brooke’s turmoil. Probably 4.5 stars for both books for me.

Ana July 11, 2016 at 9:26 PM

Pulled an all nighter on these two books! 4.5 stars for both Forget and Blur! Great dialogue with a pinch of humor!! Love the music references!!!

Grace July 12, 2016 at 8:23 AM

I kind of made whispering sweet nothings in French into my ear during nookie a new requirement for my husband, but gave up when it turned into “A Fish Called Wanda” and he was just whispering French food names in my ear. Granted, he doesn’t actually speak French, so it was asking a great deal, but he tried and that is all that matters! It might have sounded a lot like the book according to Maryse. LOL! In the end, my homage to Forget and Blur is now set into our love making history, and I can’t give it a higher compliment. Even though I had lots of rants over these books, I pretty much loved everything about them! Je Ne Regrette Rien! I regret nothing!

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