Book Review – “Lover Enshrined” by J.R. Ward

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Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6)
This is the latest published book of this series (although more to come soon).

As much as I loved “Phury” (he was one of my favorites out of the brothers. You know – the noble sweet virgin Vampire, that is in love with Bella – his twin’s wife?), well…when it came to his character development in this book, I was left somewhat unsatisfied.

Although this book tried to focus on Phury and his potential mate “Cormia” (one of the “Chosen” – very sweet- by the way), it revolved mostly around a somewhat valid yet irritating ”woe is me” struggle with his constant self sacrificing.

He painted himself into a corner of being unloved, unwanted, unthanked (although the opposite is true) and stayed in a self absorbed, drug addicted stupor. In my opinion, from what I have learned from this actual character in past books, he seems to be simply too nice of a character for this type of “angst” and I feel he was slightly shortchanged here.

Phury’s deep downward spiral kept on an insistent pace before the upturn. The emotional connections, in my opinion, took so long to develop, that I was struggling through his scenes, but nonetheless, I can’t wait for further development of his character in future installments. I’m certain they will be good.

Oh and some of the scenes were as steamy as the past books.

One of my particular favorites (a nice touching moment): When Phury was drawing Cormia while she posed for him:

“It’s done”  he said roughly.

“Is that…who I am?”

“It’s how I see you.”

There was a long silence. Then she said with a kind of astonishment, “You think I’m beautiful”

Ok ok, so maybe I should give Phury a break…After re-reading this scene, I mean, I guess he does have reason to be angst ridden (you’ll see why too…). Perhaps I’m being too hard on the character (due to the deep depression that was simply wearing thin on me). I just wanted more of that kind of scene, above.

I do love the character development of all the others involved (and there was a TON of extracurricular character activities) so this made the book a lot easier to read. John Matthew and his trio were terrific, and that story line (Lash and all) are what keeps the readers on the edge of their seat. You’ll see!!

Best to read the books in this order: J.R. Ward – The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Reading Order:

3.75 stars to 4 stars…

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