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by Maryse on November 9, 2014 · 1 comment

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Prisoner (Criminals & Captives Book 1)
I love Skye Warren and was quite delighted to try a new author that co-authored this dark read with her. Well… I say “dark” lightly as this isn’t as dark as our usual. But definitely had that captivating “”bad-guy” thrill element that we love so much.

And while the premise did have that certain ring of familiarity to it (I loved “Hard Time” <— my review), it quickly took us on it’s own version of an exciting-scary romp. Good read, but not necessarily unputtdownable for me. I was way more into the first half… and while the second half was good, I wanted more of… well… the first half. ;)

I think some in our crew felt the way I did, and some loved it!

IsDonIsGood: I LOVED Prisoner! Well worth reading. She depicted the ‘I’m so attracted to you and I really really shouldn’t be’ so well. Not insta-love, something different I think most have experienced; you ‘click’ and it is entrancing and consuming. I was happy with ending and I’m hoping there will be more books…

Jean: I am now reading Prisoner from the recent releases and I’m really liking it!!! I know I should have expected some darkness with Prisoner….. but holy crap…my heart is racing!! … not sure how “good” Prisoner is yet… Only at 35%… but definitely typical Skye Warren…..creepy but intense with a mix of sexiness? Lol, if that even make sense!

Jean: Finished Prisoner today and I was very disappointed…. it had so much potential…

Lynne: I actually liked Prisoner. A solid “4″ for me only because the ending left so many questions unanswered. I would absolutely buy Book 2 if there is one.

Bev: Prisoner I liked but just liked. I am planning on reading the second book. Dont let my comment put you off Prisoner. I think Maryse is reading it &amp; maybe will do a review. I did like it. Just not shout it from the roof tops, but read it straight through.

So what’s it about?

I can’t say much because the twists totally took me by surprise! I was expecting a longer time… hrmm… well. I won’t say. ;)

So! Abby is teaching a writing class in a prison (despite her reluctance and nervousness)…

It’s not fair that I got the prison inmates. Not when it drags up every bad memory I have. Not when I think I might belong there more than anyone knows.

No one can ever know.

Ooooohhh my mind was racing with what this sweet librarian’s big bad secret could be. ;)

Yet Abby is quickly taken with (and terrified of) the huge, brooding yet stunningly gorgeous prisoner, “Grayson”.

I see you looking at me, I thought at her. You take a good long look, baby.

I’ve been told I’m beautiful. By women. By men. I hate it every time.

Grayson also appears to be taken with her. Or is he just weaving her into his web? Seducing her, despite her attempts at rebuffing him.

I write, because this is important. Getting her approval so I can send a message to my crew.

But the attraction between them is undeniable and eventually… tentatively, she lets her guard down.

And then… well. Things go CRAZY! All I can say is that you’ll feel it with her as her infatuation turns to terror, and that being in constant close proximity to the one that you crave… and fear, is quite a head-trip!

I enjoyed it! Not my favorite “bad-guy” book. I didn’t connect as hard as I wanted to… and I would have loved A LOT more of the book in the ummm… “beginning part” to last, and tease me longer, but it certainly had plenty of twists and turns and sincere reasoning (and purpose) behind the “bad-guy” theme.

3.75 stars!


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bev November 10, 2014 at 10:30 PM

I mentioned before but felt like the middle of the story was missing. I needed more to show me how they got from the beginning point to the end point.
I wouldn’t have minded more of a look into the men’s friendships too. I will keep my eye out for the second book. I also want to try a Carolyn Crane book as I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews and recs for her solo work.
It seems like the material is here for them to build a really edgy and dark series.

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